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Ground Crew,[1] also known as Airport Service Worker,[2] is a City Airport minifigure introduced in 2016.


Ground Crew wears a bright orange safety vest printed with reflective stripes, with medium blue sleeves and pants. He also wears a bright orange Mini U.S. Cap, and his face is printed with orange safety goggles. He is typically depicted carrying a pair of guide lights.


As an airport service worker, Ground Crew helps the postal workers deliver LEGO City's mail by leading postal helicopters with his guide lights.[2] However, he tends to get bored since he works at a quiet airport without much activity, and therefore tends to pace the runway. This once resulted in him running from a jumbo jet that was using the runway.[1]

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Ground Crew is a Magic Supporter hero with the skills "Marshalling", "Flashing Light Stick", and "Fear Removal".


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NAME: Ground Crew
Working at a quiet airport where hardly any planes land, this ground crewman spends his day strolling leisurely up and down the runway. Once doing this when a jumbo jet did use the runway, however, meant that his gentle amble soon turned into a crazy sprint for his life!