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The Guard is a minifigure from the Super Heroes DC Universe theme.


The Guard has unprinted dark blue legs. He has a light blue torso, with a dark blue tie, and a gold badge printed on it. His arms are light blue, and his hands are flesh coloured. His face is also flesh coloured, and has a confident expression. He wears a black policeman's hat.


The Guards help protect various places in Gotham City such as the Gotham City Bank or Arkham Asylum.


  • His torso is nearly identical to that used by the Police Detective, except it has wrinkles on the front, and there is no back printing.
  • He makes use of Bruce Wayne's original face, as well as Colonel Hardy.
  • Two similar guard appeared in the Spider-Man comic in LEGO Club Jan-Feb 2013.

LEGO.com Description

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The LEGO Guard is on the job when Two-Face and his henchmen come to steal the safe! The bravest employee in the bank, he can keep his bricks together under pressure, send out a signal to LEGO Batman and even help battle to get the stolen goods back! When The Caped Crusader is finished foiling the diabolical plan, the Guard is ready to slap a pair of plastic cuffs on Two-Face and give him a one-way ticket…to prison!


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