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Gunnar Eversol is a Jurassic World minifigure released in 2018.


Gunnar Eversol is the host of an auction in Lockwood Manor to sell the dinosaurs, except Blue. He is an accomplished auctioneer who is unconcerned with morals or ethics regarding what he sells, merely caring about the profits. He is shown selling off an Ankylosaurus, a juvenile Allosaurus, a Baryonyx, and the Indoraptor to numerous buyers.

Before the Indoraptor can be auctioned off, a escaped Stygimoloch and Owen Grady disrupted the auction, causing panic and Eversol hid as the event was ruined. After witnessing mercenary Ken Wheatley get mauled to death by the Indoraptor, Eversol retreated to the elevator as the deadly hybrid escaped. Three terrified auction attendees had already taken refuge in the elevator as Eversol barely managed to get the lift working. But after the door closes, the Indoraptor intentionally breaks the door mechanism, causing the doors to open again. Then the Indoraptor then proceeded to kill Eversol and the three auctioneers inside it.



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