Class 5 article

Gust is a brick-built dragon from the Elves theme, first released in 2016. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Gust the wind dragon thinks being airborne is the COOLEST! Take her on secret adventures, and she is your best friend for life. Gust and Aira really get each other – they are both fun-loving and have a need for speed. She can also be very silly and never takes things too seriously.

Powers: Powerful wind magic.

Strengths: Flawless sense of direction, and full of a thousand ideas for fun new things to try!

Flaws: Can be a little impatient with others if they can’t keep up with her ideas…

Skills: She’s a true sprinter. Has four wings, and likes to use them to create strong winds. That can either be a great help, or a real challenge!

Favorite things: Loves to surprise her rider with fun air tricks!

Did you know: Her secret dream is to get an extra set of wings so she can break ALL Elvendale speed-flying records!