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"Sooo, you think you can outrace a veteran pilot like me? I’d like to see you try it!"
―Gypsy Moth in LEGO Racers

Gypsy Moth, known as Navigator Sharp in Germany and Insector 2 in the UK, is a Minifigure of the Insectoids theme, depicted in most regions as an ace pilot, and in the US as the queen. She is perhaps most known for her appearance in LEGO Racers.


Gypsy Moth has a blue skin colour, has black hair, and wears an trans light green insectoids helmet. She is one of the few female space minifigures.


In most regions (including the UK and Germany), Navigator Sharp is a member of a party of Zotaxians who crash-land on the planet Holox and must fight to survive by collecting voltstones. She acts as a pilot. In LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 9, her description reads: "an excellent shot and flies the Sonic Stinger".

In the US, Gypsy Moth is the queen of the Insectoids, alien invaders "on a mission of intergalactic mayhem and mischief."

In LEGO Racers

Gypsy Moth is the leader of the sixth and penultimate circuit. Her race car is made up of parts from both the UFO and Insectoids themes.

Gypsy Moth's introductory cutscene opens as a UFO flies overhead and beams her down. She scoffs at the player's intentions to beat her.


LEGO Racers - Gypsy Moth's Opening

Gypsy Moth's opening in LEGO Racers (Very bad quality)

In the game, Gypsy Moth does not wear her trans-neon green helmet. This is likely due to the game's inability to render transparency - if they had included the helmet, her face would have been obscured.

Her name in other language versions of the game are:

  • Falena Regina degli Insettoidi in Italian
  • Reina Insectoide in Spanish
  • Navigatør Sharp in Danish
  • Insekt-Dronningen in Norwegian
  • Gypsy Moth (same as English) in the German, Dutch, Swedish and French language versions