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Ha-Ya-To is a minifigure from Exo-Force, released in 2006. He appears in 8 sets from 2006 to 2008.


Ha-Ya-To has three variations, one for each year, as do the other three pilots.

His first suit is the same as Hikaru's. It has white pieces, apart from the hips and hands, which are black. Only the body has markings. He has a blue collar, and blue pads near his hands. On his right side, he has his symbol, and on the other side, '.01'.

His second suit has the same base colour, white with black hands and hips. It has a gold breastplate with blue tubes, and a belt with a symbol.

His third suit also has blue tubes. It has a grey breastplate and belt, with red camouflage markings.

His face and hair are the same in all three versions. He has large green eyes with black eyebrows. His mouth has a small line underneath it. His hair is the spiky red version of Takeshi and Ryo's.


Ha-Ya-To joined the Exo-Force after the second robot rebellion. His specialty is flying, and he can always be found in the air or in his Battle Machine, the Gate Defender. He has loved to fly since he was a child, but he rarely talks about his early life, as his entire family (along with the rest of the industrial village) was destroyed in the second robot rebellion. At the end of 2007, he went with the other three pilots to rescue Sensei Keiken, leaving Hitomi in charge of the Golden City.


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