This is the page for the Disney character minifigure; for the LEGO Minifigures Online character, see Hades.
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Hades (Disney)

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Hades is a Minifigures (theme) Minifigure released in 2019 as part of the Disney Series 2.


Hades was granted ownership of the Underworld by Zeus, unwillingly. Unbeknownst to Zeus and the other deities, however, Hades despises the Underworld, as well as his job, finding them both gloomy, depressing, and overbearing. Because of this, Hades secretly plots to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus as the King of Deities, himself. Though powerful in his own right, Hades is considerably weaker than Zeus and cannot overthrow him alone. As such, he often allies himself with various beasts and creatures lurking through Greece, hiring them to do his bidding; the most notable example being the Titans, who were imprisoned by Zeus eons ago.

In the Underworld, Hades is aided by his two shapeshifting lackeys, Pain and Panic. The two fear Hades immensely and are used as punching-bags during his outbursts, typically as punishment for their incompetence being a recurring hinderance in Hades' schemes.



  • Hades is voiced in most English projects by the legendary actor James Woods, who is also known for his roles as Owlman and Lex Luthor in various DC animated projects.