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Hair is a plastic LEGO piece that can be many shapes. It serves as a hair of minifigure or minidoll. It is attached to the head to make the "top part". Most hair pieces are typically modeled after real world hair styles today.

Introduced on minifigures[]


Image Number Description
X103 Part x103 Classic Doctress's hair
3901 Part 3901 Classic Town Man's short hair


Image Number Description
4530hair Part 4530 Classic Town Woman's hair


Image Number Description
X104 Part 6093 Town Paradisa Ponytail


Image Number Description
6025 Part 6025 Islanders' hair


Image Number Description
30114 Part 30114 Western Native Americans' hair


Image Number Description
X114 Part 30410 Qui-Gon Jinn's long hair
Part 30475 Padmé Amidala's ponytail


Image Number Description
4589758 Part 30409 Leia Organa's double buns


Image Number Description
X67 Part 40233 Harry Potter's tousled short hair
4179140 Part 40238 Hagrid's beard-with-hair
40239 Part 40239 Dumbledore's long hair
6030708 Part 40240 Ron Weasley's original bowl short hair
Part 40251 Part 40251 Hermione Granger's original mid-long hair


Image Number Description
30608 Part 30608 Dash Justice's flat top
Part 42444 Part 42444 The Vampire's hair
43751BY Part 43751 Gilderoy Lockhart's wavy short hair


Image Number Description
Bb197pb01 Part 42988 Two-Face's half&half
Bb193 Part 53981 Hikaru's angular swept sideways hair
53982 Part 53982 Takeshi's angular swept back hair


Image Number Description
Wig Lady Part 59362 Professor Umbridge's curled short hair
Part 59363 Hermione's new long hair with braid around sides


Image Number Description
43753 Part 43753 Anakin Skywalker's swept back tousled hair
61196 Part 61196 Obi-Wan's combed-sideways hair
62696 Part 62696 Agent Trace's long ponytail with side bangs
62699pb01 Part 62699pb01 Dr. Inferno's spiked hair
62711 Part 62711 Irina Spalko's bob cut
4529755 Part 62810 Agent Chase's short hair tousled with side part


Image Number Description
62699pb02 Part 62699pb02 Dr. D. Zaster's spiked hair
Part 64807 Crown Queen's short hair with braid around sides
85607 Part 85607 Willie Scott's wavy short hair
85974 Part 85974 Elsa Schneider's long hair with part over front of right shoulder


Image Number Description
64798 Part 64798 Count Dooku's original hair swept back with widow's peak
87990 Part 87990 Nurse's ponytail with swept sideways fringe
87991 Part 87991 Max (LEGO Club)'s hair tousled with side part
87995-1 Part 87995 Circus Clown's afro bubble hair
Part 87999 Img2 Part 87999 Caveman's hair with beard and mouth hole
88283 Part 88283 Dastan's mid-length tousled with center part
Part 88286 Part 88286 Princess Tamina's french braided long ponytail
90396-1 Part 90396 Pop Star's long wavy hair
92081 Part 92081 Fenrir Greyback's hair combed front to rear
4594436-2 Part 92082 Bellatrix Lestrange's long curly hair with part over face
LEGOPart92083 Part 92083 Ginny Weasley's long smooth hair with side part


Image Number Description
62699 Part 62699 Crazy Scientist's spiked hair
85974pb01 Part 85974pb01 Hula Dancer's hair
85974pb02 Part 85974pb02 Narcissa Malfoy's hair
92746 Part 92746 Luke Skywalker's tousled and layered hair
Part 92760 Eeth Koth's head
Part 93217 Sumo Wrestler's top knot bun
93230pb01 Part 93230pb01 Elf's short hair with ears
93230pb02 Part 93230pb02 Werewolf's short hair with ears
Part 93556 The Monster's head
93562 Part 93562 Ice Skater's short hair with top knot bun and forelock
93563 Part 93563 Punk Rocker's mohawk
95220pb01 Part 95220pb01 Jack Sparrow's dreadlocks with beads and tricorne hat
Part 95221pb01 Jack Sparrow's dreadlocks with beads and bandana
95225-1 Part 95225 Elizabeth Swann's long wavy hair with center part
95226 Part 95226 Will Turner's short hair swept back with ponytail
95352pb01 Part 95352pb01 Angelica's long wavy hair with black hat
98371 Part 98371 Mechanic (Minifigures)'s swept back hair with forelock
98726 Part 98726 Superman's short hair swept right with front curl


Image Number Description
CatalogItemPichobbithair Part 10048 Frodo's tousled hair
Part 10055 Legolas and elves' hair
Part 10066 Orcs' hair
Part 10168 Cowgirl's cowhat with braid
Part 10301 Vampire Bat's hair
Part 10651 DJ (Minifigures)'s short hair with headphones
Part 11254 Fortune Teller's long hair with part over front of right shoulder with a bandana
Part 11420 Bombur's hair with beard braided
Part 11421 Bifur's hair with beard braided
Part 11423 Oin's hair with spiked beard
Part 11891 Balin's hair swept back with long beard
Part 11900 Glóin's long hair with beard tied in sections
Part 11906 Dori's small braids and fan shaped ponytail
Part 11907 Noris' spiked hair with braided beard and ponytail
Part 11908 Thorin Oakenshield's long wavy hair with ragged bottom edge
85974pb03 Part 85974pb03 Poison Ivy's hair
Part 92254 Katharina's ponytail with horseriding cap
Part 99239 Viking Woman's long double tails with metallic silver viking helmet and side holes
Part 99240 Bride's hair swept into bun
99242 Part 99242 Rocker Girl's layered long hair
98377 Part 98377 Lady Liberty's hair with spiked tiara
98385 Part 98385 Sleepyhead's spiked hair
98725pb01 Part 98725pb01 Wonder Woman's long wavy hair with tiara
Part 99248 Hippie's long hair with headband
4653226 Part 99930 Computer Programmer's smooth combed sideways


Image Number Description
11255 Part 11255 Judge's peruke
11256 Part 11256 Hollywood Starlet's short wavy hair with side part
Part 11261 Forest Maiden's long hair with braided front
Part 11264 Roman Emperor's straight cut fringe with laurel wreath
Part 12887 Revolutionary Soldier's long hair tied back with ribbon pattern
Part 12889 Medusa's entwined snake hair
12890 Part 12890 Trendsetter's long smooth hair
12893pb01 Part 12893pb01 Grandpa's head
Part 13194pb01 Stass Allie's headdress
Part 13198 Leia Organa's slave long braided ponytail
Part 13251 Padmé Amidala's hair with back elaborate knot bun.
Part 13748 Butch Cavendish's hair with gambler style cowboy hat
Part 13750 Red Harrington's double long braid in the front
Part 13753pb01 Chief Big Bear's long braids with ties
Part 13761 Captain Fuller's hair with cavalry hat
Part 13765pb01 Elrond's long wavy hair with elf ears and silver headband
Part 13766 Arwen's long wavy hair with elf ears
Part 13768 Saruman's long hair and beard
13784 Part 13784 Pretzel Girl's double long braid in the back
33700 Part 13785 Diner Waitress's ponytail and back brushed hair
Part 13884 Tonto's long hair with bandana
Part 15597pb01 Thranduil's long hair with spikes


Image Number Description
15427pb01 Part 15427pb01 Wyldstyle's hair
Emmethair15443 Part 15443 Emmet's hair
15491pb01 Part 15491pb01 William Shakespeare's head
15491pb02 Part 15491pb02 Argus Filch's head
Kai Hairpiece 2014 Part 15705 Kai's spiked hair
Part 16178pb01 Gail's ponytail with hardhat
17346 Part 17346 Spooky Girl's long straight with bangs (Rubber)
18166 Part 18166 Hunter Orc with Top Knot hair long mullet with banded top knot
99242pb001 Part 99242pb001 Rock Star's layered long hair


Image Number Description
15427ReddishBrown Part 15427 Sophie Jones's hair
18858pb01 Part 18858pb01 Sabine Wren's hair
20595 Part 20595 Banshee's hair
20596pb01 Part 20596pb01 Zombie Cheerleader's hair
Part20597 Part 20597 Zombie Businessman's hair
20688pb01 Part 20688pb01 Daphne Blake's hair with headband
Part 20877 Part 20877 Black Widow's short swept sideways
21268 Part 21268 The Doctor's short swept back with sideburns and widow's peak
21777 Part 21777 Rey's hair
21778 Part 21778 Finn's hair
21787 Part 21787 Shaggy Rogers's hair
21788 Part 21788 Fred Jones's hair
VelmaHair Part 21789 Velma Dinkley's round hair with slightly curled ends
93230pb03 Part 93230pb03 Beast Boy's short hair with ears


Image Number Description
GeorgeFromTheBeatles'HairPiece Part 18858 George Harrison's mid-length with side part
18858pb02 Part 18858pb02 Sabine Wren's hair
Part 19196pb01 Jasmine's hair long with ponytail braided with 2 bands with medium azure tiara and gold earrings pattern
20596 Part 20596 Babysitter's pigtails high, long bangs, hole on top
Part 20596pb02 Harley Quinn's pigtails high, long bangs, hole on top with blue left half pattern
21269 Part 21269 Doc Brown's swept-back hair with receding hairline
WavyHair Part 23186 Superman's swept-left tousled hair
23187hair Part 23187 Wonder Woman's mid-length wavy hair from left side
MulletHair Part 24072 Wrestling Champion's hair
24787 Part 24787 Syndrome's hair
24791 Part 24791 Mr. Incredible's hair
24794 Part 24794 Ariel's hair
25972 Part 25972 Dog Show Winner's hair swept back with slight widow's peak and short sideburns
Lego-wavy-short-hair-with-middle-part-26139-27 Part 26139 Han Solo's wavy hair with center part
27385 Part 27385 B.A. Baracus's mohawk
64798pb01 Part 64798pb01 Doctor Strange's original swept back with widow's peak and printed sideburns


Image Number Description
12893pb02 Part 12893pb02 Alfred Pennyworth's head
Lego-minifigure-hair-25378-27-441415 Part 25378 Cole's tousled hair with long bangs
25379 Part 25379 Zane's flat-top hair with no sideburns
25405pb01 Part 25405pb01 Nya's hair
Lloyd25409 Part 25409 Lloyd's mid-length tousled hair with side part
Part 92081pb01 Neuro’s black and white hair
25411 Part 25411 Kai's tall spiky hair
750x750p Part 25412 Jay's hair
25750pb01 Part 25750 Cole's mid-length tousled hair with headband and top knot bun
27323pb01 Part 27323pb01 Commissioner Gordon's sideways-combed hair with printed sideburns
28432pb01 Part 28432pb01 Pink Power Batgirl's wavy hair with ponytail
6178777 Part 28432pb02 Barbara Gordon's wavy hair with ponytail
28551 Part 28551 The Joker's bushy swept-back hair
28798pb01 red Part 28798pb01 Harley Quinn's dual-molded hair with pigtails
29633 Part 29633 Veterinarian's hair
32969 Part 32969 Rey's hair


Image Number Description
27323 Part 27323 Gunnar Eversol's sideways-combed hair
Part 34316 Lobo's hair long, parted in front
250x250peee Part 35494 Luke Skywalker's hair
11150 Part 35693 Cake Guy's hair
35701 Part 35701 Birthday Party Girl's short parted with pigtails
36060 Part 36060 Lando Calrissian's Solo variant hair
ReddishBrownHairBrick Part 36268 Elastigirl's hair
Part 36489pb01 Proxima Midnight's hair long straight with black horns pattern
Part 37697 Hermione Granger's mid-length and wavy with bangs
38800 Part 38800 Professor Flitwick's bowl cut with center part
93230pb04 Part 93230pb04 Jayna and Zan's short hair with ears


Image Number Description
12893pb03 Part 12893pb03 Ernie Prang's head
Part 20596pb03 Harley Quinn's pigtails high, long bangs, hole on top with dark azure hair ties, and dark auzre and red tips pattern
28432 Part 28432 Build-a-Minifigure wavy hair with ponytail
34714pb01 Part 34714pb01 Wyldstyle's hair with goggles
Part40938 Part 40938 Rex Dangervest's hair tousled with side part
41612 Part 41612 Sally's hair
44751hair Part 44751 Soldier: 76's messy short air
44758 Part 44758 Tracer's hair
49514-70-8b0b6141-4809-44c5-9dfa-deb0ceebf94f Part 49514pb01 Woody's hair and hat
53094pb01 Part 53094pb01 Monkey King's swept back hair with sideburns and ears
MopHair Part 55532 Will Byers' mop top
56298pb01 Part 56298pb01 J.B. Watt's swept-back hair with goggles
92081pb03 Part 92081pb03 Two-Face's black and purple swept-back hair


Image Number Description
65730pb01 Part 65730pb01 Jack Davids' tousled hair with backward baseball cap
Part 65425 Okino and Unagami’s hair with ponytail


Image Number Description
PaddleSurferHead Part 35660pb07 Paddle Surfer's ponytail with baseball cap
53094pb02 Part 53094pb02 Evil Macaque's swept back hair with sideburns and ears
69560pb01 Part 69560pb01 Kai's tall spiky hair with headband
12893pb04 Part 12893pb04 George Costanza's head

Introduced on mini-dolls[]


Image Number Description
Stephanie's Hair Part 92255 Stephanie's long straight hair
Olivia's hair Part 92256 Olivia's long wavy hair
Mia's Hair Part 92257 Mia's long ponytail and side bangs
Emma's Hair Part 92258 Emma's long wavy hair tied back
Anna's Hair Part 92259 Anna's bob cut
Andrea's hair Part 93352 Andrea's long curls


Image Number Description
Part 11605 Joanna's ponytail french braided


Image Number Description
34697pb01 Part 34697pb01 Sweet Mayhem's hair
Part 41614 Elsa's hair full and long, swept back bangs, long braid over left shoulder
Part 41615 Anna's hair parted on left with 2 long braids over shoulders
49362 Part 49362 Melody's afro bubble hair