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Hallmark Greeting Cards are a range of customizable greeting cards released in 2010. The first range contained 45 cards. Some more have been released since. Most were City-themed.


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Front Inside Name Released Theme
Card6i Card6 Heads Birthday Card 2010
Card33 Card33i Grandson Firemen Rescue Birthday Card 2010 City-themed
Card30 Card30i Policeman Photo Upload Birthday Card 2010 City-themed
Card35 Card35i Bridge Construction Birthday Card 2010 City-themed
Card1 Card1i Valentine's Day LEGO Card with Love in LEGO 2010
Card2 Card2i LEGO Happy Valentine's Day Card 2010
Card3 Card3i Fireman LEGO Birthday Photo Upload Card 2010 City-themed
Card4 Card4i Zoo Birthday Card 2010 LEGO Ville
Card5 Card5i LEGO Pirates Card 2010 DUPLO Pirates
Card6a Card6ai Photo Upload LEGO Princess Birthday Card 2010 Princess Castle
Card7 Card7i LEGO Fireman Birthday Card 2010 DUPLO Fire
Card8 Card8i LEGO Footy Fan Birthday Card 2010
Card9 Card9i LEGO Funny Birthday Card with Kitchen Fight Scene 2010
Card10 Card10i LEGO Funny Birthday Card with Headless Man 2010
Card11 Card11i LEGO Funny Birthday Card with a Very Relaxed Woman 2010
Card12 Card12i LEGO Funny Glamour Girl Birthday Card 2010
Card13 Card13i LEGO Funny Birthday Card with a Building Man 2010
Card14 Card14i Photo Upload LEGO Birthday Boy Card 2010
Card15 Card15i Photo Upload LEGO Birthday Girl Card 2010
Card16 Card16i LEGO Birthday Card Completely Rocks 2010
Card17 Card17i Mummy LEGO Photo Upload Mother's Day Card 2010
Card18 Card18i Thank You LEGO Card with Two LEGO Builders 2010
Card19 Card19i Bus Stop LEGO Birthday Boy Card 2010
Card20 Card20i Gym Girl LEGO Birthday Girl Card 2010
Card21 Card21i Sister LEGO Birthday Card 2010
Card22 Card22i Humorous LEGO Birthday Card 2010
Card23 Card23i Funny LEGO Birthday Card with DIY LEGO Woman 2010
Card24 Card24i Shopping Woman LEGO Birthday Card 2010
Card25 Card25i Dancing People LEGO Birthday Card 2010
Card26 Card26i Funny LEGO Congratulations Card 2010
Card27 Card27i Breakdancing People LEGO Birthday Card 2010
Card28 Card28i Get Well LEGO Card with a Lego Patient 2010
Card29 Card29i Dad LEGO Birthday Card 2010
Card30a Card30ai Photo Upload Dad LEGO Father's Day Card 2010
Card31 Card31i Grey Haired Dad LEGO Father's Day Card 2010
Card32 Card32i LEGO Construction Workers Party Invite 2010 City-themed


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