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"Happy to Help!"
―Harl to Duke

Harl Hubbs is a City minifigure released in 2020.


Harl Hubbs wears A Red T-shirt, Blue Overalls, and light brown gloves, he comes with a Belt and sometimes equiped with a Spanner.

In 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship, Harl Hubbs wears diving gear.


Harl Hubbs is a happy helping citizen in LEGO City. He enjoys helping people even if they like him or not. Most citizens don't want help from him because most of his inventions are either crazy, extra, or a failure later on. Because of this, if Harl Helps you and you then get hurt, citizens of LEGO City would use the phrase "Seems like you got harl'ed."


  • Harl Hubbs reuses Catman's belt.
    • He also reuses Poe Dameron's hairpiece but in a light brown color.
  • A Minifigure which bears a striking reassemblance to Harl appears in a 2021 Creator set. 31118 Surfer Beach House.
    • They both use the same face and same hairpiece, with matching color.
    • The Minifigure could also be Harl, but just making a cameo. However, it is unconfirmed.


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