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Harry Cane, also known as Billy Speed[1][2][3], is an Adventurers minifigure introduced in 1998 and has appeared in five sets to date. He makes appearances in the Egypt and Jungle sub-themes.


Cane has black legs, and a brown torso printed with an aviator's jacket. His arms are brown, and his hands and head are yellow. His face has a smirking expression, and a black moustache. He wears a brown aviator's helmet with black goggles.


Harry Cane is a pilot who occasionally helps Johnny Thunder in various expeditions.


  • His appearance is similar to Johnny Thunder, but with different clothes and a different moustache and stubble. His grin is also a little more relaxed than Thunder's.
  • His name is a pun on the weather system, "Hurricane."
  • In a Swedish print ad[source?] for the Adventurers Egypt theme, Harry Cane was named Lars Looping, depicted with the face of Basil the Bat Lord, and characterized as doing anything for money.
  • He appears in 5784 Soccer Mania as the goalie for the Adventurers Pilots team, using his German name Billy Speed. This is also the only time he is playable in a video game. Oddly enough, the "Harry Cane" name is used a separate character (with Mike's face) from the Adventures Explorers team.
  • He shares his name with Harry Cane (Weather Man) from Hidden Side.



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