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Harry Potter is a minifigure of the boy wizard Harry Potter who appears in 38 of the 50 Harry Potter themed sets, two magnet sets, one store exclusive (the Target exclusive 4768 The Durmstrang Ship), and a "Minifigure Gallery," making Harry more common than any other minifigure from the Harry Potter theme. Harry is the only minifigure from the line to appear in at least one set from every subtheme.

He is also the main character in the video games LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.


In 2001, the first year of the Harry Potter theme, three separate versions of Harry were released. First, in 4708 Hogwarts Express, Harry is seen wearing Muggle clothes. He has tan legs, a blue torso printed with a blue jacket and a baggy white shirt, blue arms, and yellow hands. His head is also yellow, and printed with a determined expression, circular glasses, and a red scar. He has bushy black hair.

The second version of Harry released in 2001 is a representation of him after his arrival at Hogwarts, but before his sorting into Gryffindor house. He has unprinted light grey legs, and a light grey torso printed with a Hogwarts badge, a tie, and several wrinkles. He has light grey arms, yellow hands, and wears a black cloak printed with stars. His face is yellow, has a determined expression, and is printed with his glasses and scar. He wears a tall black wizard's hat, presumably meant to be the Sorting Hat.

The final variation of 2001, and the version that appears in the most sets by far, is of Harry in his Gryffindor uniform. He has light grey legs, a light grey torso printed with a red Gryffindor badge, tie, and lining, as well as light grey arms, and yellow hands. His yellow head has a pleasant expression of it and is printed with his scar and glasses. He wears a black cloak printed with stars and has bushy black hair.

The first new variant of 2002 was introduced in 4728 Escape from Privet Drive. This particular version of Harry is dressed in Muggle clothes. He has unprinted dark grey legs, and a red torso printed with a blue pattern of squares. His rams are also red, and his hands are yellow. His head is yellow, and printed with his glasses, scar, and other features. He has bushy black hair.

In 4726 Quidditch Practice, a completely new version of Harry was introduced, featuring his Quidditch robes. He has plain unprinted white legs, and a dark red torso printed with a Gryffindor badge, and yellow stripes. He has dark red arms, and yellow hands. His head is yellow, and features his standard printing for the time, with a content expression, glasses, and scar. He has bushy black hair.



In 4735 Slytherin, a totally unique and exclusive version of Harry is introduced. The main portion of the minifigure is actually Gregory Goyle, due to in the scene that this set represents, Harry is disguised as said character. He has Harry's face on the back of his head, behind his hair. He has unprinted light grey legs, and a light grey torso, which is printed with a Slytherin badge, tie, and lining. He has grey arms, and yellow hands. One side of his yellow head, the one intended to be Goyle's, has a rather sullen expression. The other, intended to represent Harry, uses his traditional face printing, with pleasant expression, glasses, and scar. He has short black hair.

Another unique version of Harry (although this one is another in a long line of Casual-clothed versions of the minifigure) appeared in 4727 Aragog in the Dark Forest. This version of Harry has light grey legs, a dark blue torso printed with a dark blue sweater and a blue shirt, dark blue arms, and yellow hands. He has the same yellow face as were used for all versions of Harry at this time, depicting a pleasant expression, his glasses, and scar. Like all versions of Harry, he features bushy black hair.

In 2003, only one set was released that included Harry Potter, 4720 Knockturn Alley. This set features a unique variant of Harry, with unprinted blue legs, and a sand green torso printed with a sweater design. He also has sand green arms, and yellow hands. The minifigure still features Harry's original yellow face, with classic expression, scar, and glasses. Once again, he featured bushy black hair.

This was to be the last version of Harry released with yellow skin, as, in 2004, LEGO revamped all of their licensed minifigures to feature more realistic flesh tones. Therefore, from this point onwards, Harry featured light nougat skin.


Harry's first flesh-toned variation

The first of the flesh-toned Potters was a casually dressed one included in the set 4755 Knight Bus, in 2004. It is actually quite similar to a version of Harry from several years before, the only major difference being the skin tone. It features unprinted tan legs, and a blue torso printed with a blue jacket and a white shirt. He has blue arms, light nougat hands, and the same head and hair he has always used previously, with the exception of color. His head is light nougat, and features his pleasant, contented expression, his glasses, and his scar. He has the same bushy black hair he has always used previously.

Another casually dressed version of Harry was released in several sets that year. He features unprinted dark tan legs, and a dark grey torso printed with a dark grey jacket, and a dark red shirt. He features dark grey arms, and light nougat hands. His face is the same as that used by previous versions, and depicts his content expression, glasses, and scar. He, as always, has bushy black hair.

The version of Harry seen the most frequently in 2004 was a version of the minifigure in an updated Hogwarts uniform. This particular variant appeared in several sets, including 4757 Hogwarts Castle. It features unprinted dark grey legs, and a dark grey torso printed with red and gold lining, and a red and gold tie. He has dark grey arms, and light nougat hands. His light nougat head is still printed with his classic features, displaying contented expression, glasses, and scar. As always, he sports bushy black hair.

The final variation of Harry released that year was almost identical to the one listed above, but with the addition of a purple cloak. He has unprinted dark grey legs, a dark grey torso printed with a red and gold tie and some lining, dark grey arms, light nougat hands, light nougat head, and the same head printing as that always used before. He wears a purple cloak around his neck.

In 2005, only four sets were released, and each, with the exception of 4768 The Durmstrang Ship, featured a unique version of Harry.

The first variant of 2005 was included in the set 4767 Harry and the Hungarian Horntail. It should be noted that, although all of the Harry minifigures' outfits in this year bear no resemblance to any of his costumes either before or since, this and later variants introduced one major new part that would be used later on: A new, older, face print for Harry.


Harry's first Triwizard variant, which introduced a new face print.

The variant represents Harry's costume in the first of the three Triwizard tasks, and has unprinted black legs, and a black torso. His torso is printed with a black shirt, a Hogwarts badge with "POTTER" written above it, and several scratches and injuries. He has black arms and light nougat hands. His face is, for the first time ever entirely new, with a completely updated print. It displays a smiling, confident expression, but it is much less childish than that used previously. He also features his glasses and, of course, his scar. He has black eyebrows, and his usual untidy black hair.

The second of Harry's three 2005 variants was included in the set 4762 Rescue from the Merpeople and is completely unlike any version of Harry before or since. He features light nougat legs with orange flippers attached to them, and a dark blue hip area, presumably made to represent swim trunks. He has a red torso, with almost no printing on it, with the exception of some dark blue on the shoulders, and a Hogwarts badge on the chest. He has light nougat arms and hands. His light nougat head is double-sided, one side depicting the same updated expression as was used previously, with a confident smile, glasses, and scar. The other side depicts Harry after he has eaten Gilliweed, and has a grimmer expression, and two large gashes on either side of his face, representing gills. He has his usual tousled hair piece.

Harry's third and final variant is seen in 4766 Graveyard Duel, and, oddly, a Target stores exclusive version of 4768 The Durmstrang Ship. It is based on Harry's outfit for the third and final Triwizard task. It has unprinted black legs, and a torso that is printed half red on the right side, and black on the left. On his black side is printed a Hogwarts badge. The side that is printed red has a black-colored arm, and the side that's black has a red-colored one. Both arms have light nougat hands. Harry features the new face introduced that year, with confident expression, glasses, and scar. He also has his usual messy black hairpiece.

No Harry Potter sets were released in 2006, so Harry's next appearance was in 2007, in the set 5378 Hogwarts Castle. This version of Harry is based on his appearance at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He features unprinted dark grey legs, a dark grey torso printed with red and gold lining and a red and gold tie, a white collar, and several slight creases. He has dark grey arms, and light nougat hands. His head, also light nougat, is printed with the same features introduced in 2005, featuring a confident expression, his glasses, and scar. He has his usual tousled black hairpiece.

No Harry Potter sets were released throughout the entirety of 2008 or 2009, but the series returned in 2010. Several new versions of Harry were released that year, although most of them were remakes of previously released versions of the figure. First was a new version of Harry in his school uniform.


The first Harry minifigure in two years

The minifigure features black legs, and a dark grey torso. It should be noted that the Gryffindor badge is reinstated on the uniform and makes its first appearance since 2002. In addition to the badge, a red and gold toe, red and gold lining, and a white collar are all printed on the torso, in addition to wrinkles and creases. Harry features a completely new double-sided face print, one side featuring a happy expression, and the other quite grim. He still features his glasses and scar and has the same black hairpiece.

Among the several versions of Harry released in 2010, two new versions of Harry in casual outfits were introduced, the first of which is described here: He uses unprinted dark grey legs, and has a dark blue torso printed with a jacket of the same color, a white shirt, and a silver zipper. His arms are also dark blue, and his hands are light nougat. His features his new-style face, one side smiling, the other grim, and both featuring his glasses and scar. He, of course, uses his tousled black hairpiece.

In the set 4737 Quidditch Match, a new, redesigned version of Harry in his Quidditch uniform appeared. He has unprinted white legs, and a dark red torso printed with a red and yellow striped shirt, and a Gryffindor badge. His arms are dark red, and, to represent gloves, his hands are brown. He has the same new head as the variations described immediately before, one side with a happy expression, and the other grim. Both sides, of course, features his glasses and scar. He has his usual black hairpiece and wears a dark red cloak.

Harry character book

The version of Harry released in Characters of the Magical World

In 4840 The Burrow, a slightly tweaked version of Harry in casual wear was introduced. He has unprinted black legs, and a dark blue torso printed with a dark blue jacket with a sliver zipper, and a white shirt. His arms are dark blue, and his hands light nougat. He has his usual face double-sided face, one side happy, the other troubled. Both sides feature his scar and glasses. He has his usual black hairpiece. It should be noted that this variation is identical to the casual one described above, with the exception of the color of his legs. In 2011, another, unique version of Harry was introduced, and was exclusive to the book 5000215 LEGO Harry Potter: Building the Magical World. He has unprinted black legs, and a black torso printed with a white bowtie, a white shirt, and a black tuxedo. He has white arms, and light nougat hands. He has his new double-sided face, one side solemn, and one cheerful. Of course, he features his usual glasses and scar. He uses his normal untidy black hairpiece.

Currently, the final version of Harry released appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World. His legs are black, printed with robes in white lining (it should be noted that this is the first version of Harry ever to have leg printing). His torso is black, printed with black robes and a suit, as well as a dark red shirt and tie. His arms are black, and his hands are light nougat. He uses the same head as his other recent variations.

In LEGO Dimensions, Harry returns in his 2010 Hogwarts uniform, but with Ron's 2010 hair piece in black. This is the first time Harry does not have his standard hair piece, previously used in all of the Harry Potter sets before.

As a Microfigure[]

An exclusive Microfigure version of Harry appears in the LEGO Game 3862 Harry Potter Hogwarts. He is made of a single part, and is printed with red shoes, red and gold jacket lining, Gryffindor badge, and tie. He also has a white collar. His head is printed with a smiling expression, glasses, black hair, and a dark orange scar. He has a single stud atop his head.

In Video games[]

In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, he has the same black hair that the Harry Potter minifigure has always had, the second flesh variation face (from the Goblet of Fire), a black cape, dark-grey Gryffindor robes similar to the first variation of the Harry Potter figure, and a brown wand.

In this sequel, Harry has his 2010 look. His spells and abilities are Wingardium Leviosa, Invisibility Cloak, Diffindo, Lumos (Solem), Aguamenti, Focus, Expecto Patronum and Reducto.


Harry James Potter (b. 31 July 1980) was an English half-blood wizard, and one of the most famous wizards of modern times. He was the only child and son of James and Lily Potter (née Evans), both members of the original Order of the Phoenix. Harry's birth was overshadowed by a prophecy, naming either himself or Neville Longbottom as the one with the power to vanquish Lord Voldemort. After half of the prophecy was reported to Voldemort, courtesy of Severus Snape, Harry was chosen as the target due to his many similarities with the Dark Lord. In turn, this caused the Potter family to go into hiding. Voldemort made his first vain attempt to circumvent the prophecy when Harry was a year and three months old. During this attempt, he murdered Harry's parents as they tried to protect him, but this unsuccessful attempt to kill Harry led to Voldemort's first downfall. This downfall marked the end of the First Wizarding War, and to Harry henceforth being known as the "Boy Who Lived", as he was the only known survivor of the Killing Curse.

One consequence of Lily's loving sacrifice was that her orphaned son had to be raised by her only remaining blood relative, his Muggle aunt, Petunia Dursley. While in her care he would be protected from Lord Voldemort, due to the Bond of Blood charm Albus Dumbledore placed upon him. This powerful charm would protect him until he became of age, or no longer called his aunt's house home. Due to Petunia's resentment of her sister and her magic gifts, Harry grew up abused and neglected.

On his eleventh birthday, Harry learned that he was a wizard, from Rubeus Hagrid. He began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1991. The Sorting Hat was initially going to Sort Harry into Slytherin House, but Harry pleaded 'not Slytherin' and the Hat heeded this plea, instead sorting the young wizard into Gryffindor House. At school, Harry became best friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. He later became the youngest Quidditch Seeker in over a century and eventually the captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditch Team in his sixth year, winning two Quidditch Cups. He became even better known in his early years for protecting the Philosopher's Stone from Voldemort, saving Ron's sister Ginny Weasley, solving the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets, slaying Salazar Slytherin's basilisk, and learning how to conjure a corporeal stag Patronus at the age of thirteen. In his fourth year, Harry won the Triwizard Tournament, although the competition ended with the tragic death of Cedric Diggory and the return of Lord Voldemort. During the next school year, Harry reluctantly taught and led Dumbledore's Army. He also fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, during which he lost his godfather, Sirius Black.

Harry played a significant role in many other battles of the Second Wizarding War. He, Ron, and Hermione hunted down and destroyed Voldemort's Horcruxes. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry personally saw the deaths of Severus Snape and Fred Weasley while learning that Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Colin Creevey, and many others had fallen in battle as well. He encountered Voldemort and nearly sacrificed himself, knowing that his doing so was the only way to destroy the fragment of Voldemort's soul inside of him. In limbo, after Voldemort cursed him in the forest clearing, Albus Dumbledore gave Harry advice and background information on the Dark Lord. When told he could choose to live or to "move on", Harry chose to live. After he awoke, Harry confronted Voldemort and defeated him once and for all.

Harry was also noted for being the only known Master of Death, having united the three Deathly Hallows at the mere age of seventeen. After the war, Harry became an Auror and helped reform and revolutionise the Ministry of Magic. At some point, he married Ginny Weasley, with whom he had three children: James Sirius (named after his father and godfather), Albus Severus (named after Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape), and Lily Luna (named after his mother and Luna Lovegood). He was also named the godfather of Edward "Teddy" Remus Lupin. In 2007 Harry was promoted to Head of the Auror Office at the age of 26 and would occasionally deliver Defence Against the Dark Arts lectures at Hogwarts. He later went on to be Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement by the summer of 2020.


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LEGO Harry Potter
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Harry Potter dimensions
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