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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a Harry Potter subtheme due to begin in the June of 2011. Similar to The Half-Blood Prince, LEGO has not made a specified subtheme for this film, yet two sets are based on it.

The Plot


  • Both sets in this subtheme are from The Deathly Hallows Part II, due for release in July 2011.
  • While it has been speculated that 4842 Hogwarts Castle is from The Deathly Hallows, it contains Albus Dumbledore so it can only be set before his death in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  • In these films, Harry never went back to Hogwarts to study, which means he would not need his uniform, so these sets are inaccurate for they both have Harry in uniform.
  • The green snake included in the two sets is most-likely meant to represent Nagini, Voldemort's pet/horcrux.

Known Minifigures


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