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Hassansins are minifigures in the 2010 Prince of Persia theme. They are the enemies of Dastan, Princess Tamina, Seso, Asoka, and Sheik Amar. They are led by Zolm.

They once worked as the kings personal assasins, but later the hassansin order was forbidden. So Nizam kept them secret.

Known Hassansins

  • Ghazab (Double Blade Hassansin)
  • Gool (Giant Scimitar Hassansin)
  • Setam (Porcupine Hassansin/Claw Hassansin)
  • Tamah (Razor Glove Hassansin)
  • Zolm (Hassansin Leader)

There are two other Hassansins that have not been made: one is the whip blade Hassansin who has whips with blades called Hassad, and the other is a Hassansin grenade-man called Nefrat, who has grenades as weapons which contain explosive liquid (greek fire).



  • The word Hassansin is related from Hassan-i Sabbah, the founder of the hassansin etymology, who lived in Persia in the 1050s to 1124. This etymology is now known as assassination, or people who commit suicide to harm others.
    • It may have also originated as a derogatory term meaning "people who smoke hashish".
  • They were always seven.
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