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Hazza D'ur is a Ninjago character, represented by a component rather than a Minifigure.


Hazza D'ur was an evil sorcerer who reigned over the realm that became known as the dungeons of Shintaro. Though his body apparently perished, his spirit lived on in his magical skull, which was hidden away in the depths beneath Shintaro. Because of his fearsome reputation, the Sky Folk did not intrude on his former realm. However, King Vangelis sought to wield Hazza D'ur's power to further his own ends, and thus dispatched the Lowly to retrieve it. Upon finding it, the trio discovered its wicked properties, and urged King Vangelis to destroy it once they delivered it to him. Vangelis refused, and when the trio persisted, Vangelis opened a trap door beneath them into the depths of the mountain.

Wielding the power of Hazza D'ur's skull, which spoke to him, Vangelis soon established his own cruel reign over the dungeons.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu