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Helena Skvalling is a minifigure from the Pharaoh's Quest theme, introduced in 2011. She is the only female minifigure in the Pharaoh's Quest line, and is exclusive to the set 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue.


Helena has unprinted black legs, and wears a white shirt with a slim necklace with a round green gem attached to it, tied with a brown belt. She has yellow hands and orange hair. Her face is double sided, and depicts her both smiling and worried.


Helena initially met Jake Raines when they were both searching for a lost artifact. After barely escaping a deathtrap, Helena and Jake have worked together on many adventures.


  • She has a dual sided face; one side depicted side smirking, and the other scared.
  • She is similar to Pippin Reed from the Adventurers theme.
  • The LEGO shop webpage for 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue calls her "Helena Tova", but the Pharaoh's Quest homepage calls her "Helena Skvalling." It is, however, revealed in the third Pharaoh's Quest online comic that her full name is Helena Tova Skvalling.
  • In some copies of the set 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue, her hands are brown instead of yellow.
  • She is the only Pharaoh's Quest protagonist that does not have a microfigure variation.
  • She is also the only female Pharaoh's Quest minifigure.

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When Helena and Jake first met, they were rivals for the same lost artifact…but when they got caught together in a dangerous trap, they realized they’d have to help each other to escape. Ever since then, they’ve teamed up whenever their solo missions have been too tough for just one adventurer to handle. Helena speaks seven languages, reads five more, is an expert at deciphering maps and finding hidden traps, and was personally responsible for recovering the Jeweled Zephyr of Zanzibar, the Golden Mask of Montezuma, and the Diamond Scepter of King Scipio. She’s also a crack shot with a pistol. Even though Jake and Helena don’t always agree on the best way to solve a problem, even he has to admit that she’s the best one around at hunting down missing treasures!


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