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Henry Turner is a Minifigure from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme introduced in 2017.


Henry Turner was the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Following his first encounter with his father, Henry decided to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon to free his father from his curse, an obligation to sail the Seven Seas for all eternity as captain of the Flying Dutchman. When he grew up, Henry joined the Royal Navy with the intention to find his parents' old associate, the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow. Hoping that the pirate captain would help him find the Trident, Henry served on several ships, until he ended up on the warship Monarch. During his adventure, he encountered the terrifying ghost crew led by the Spanish pirate hunter Armando Salazar, who had requested him to find the man he was already looking for - Jack Sparrow. After being wrongfully accused of cowardly abandoning his shipmates, Henry was forced to form an alliance with Sparrow, his pirate crew and the young astronomer Carina Smyth. Chased by the British forces led by Lieutenant Scarfield and Salazar's bloodthirsty ghosts, Henry and his allies embarked on a perilous journey to find the legendary weapon that would give them control of the sea.


  • Henry's head would also used as the head for Maxwell Lord in addition to Ant-Man's Ant-Man and The Wasp variant and Peter Parker's Spider-Man: Far from Home variant.


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