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Hero Factory was a constraction theme introduced in July 2010 and discontinued in 2015. The theme was centered around a group of robotic heroes who protected the galaxy from various threats. The theme primarily used new TECHNIC elements for each set, much like BIONICLE. Since it was the successor to the original BIONICLE, the first wave of sets had a label that read “From the makers of BIONICLE” printed on the bottom corner of their boxes, just as the first BIONICLE sets had the TECHNIC logo on them.


2010 - Rise of the Rookies

The storyline was based in Makuhero City.[1] The largest building and trademark of the city was the Assembly Tower, a 589 meters high, 715 meters wide and 924 meters long tower, located in the center of Makuhero City.[1] It is driven by "cold fusion" and it employs a total of 11,127 employees.[1] This tower is the "Hero Factory" that constructs various robot heroes which are sent out when the Call Center receives calls from victims. They can report their emergency and call on a robotic hero. The founder of the Hero Factory is Akiyama Makuhero.[2]

Inside the Assembly Tower, these heroes are built every day. They are the product of work from design experts and robot construction specialists. These robotic heroes are fitted with solid fiber-carbide plating, Quaza cores and equipped with helmets and equipment to fight evil with guts and gadgets. Once constructed, they are placed in special hero pods and beamed across the galaxy to defeat evil and complete their various missions.

Makuhero City with Assembly Tower

The Assembly Tower in Makuhero City

The first villain of the theme was Von Nebula. He had a staff with the ability to create black holes. Von Nebula, formerly known as Von Ness, used to be a hero on Stormer's team; however, during a mission, his cowardice nearly caused the destruction of a city. Blaming Stormer for his failure, Von Nebula swore vengeance on Hero Factory. He employed some former jailbird henchman who banded together to help him, but that was unknown to the heroes. William Furno, the newest hero, was eager to defeat Von Nebula but was depressed when his firm-handed team leader Preston Stormer told him he hadn't the experience to take on the most dangerous villain in the galaxy. He was joined by more rookies, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez. He was also joined by heroes Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer. Using Stormer's smarts and Furno’s talent, the heroes defeated Von Nebula.

2011. - Ordeal of Fire

The first wave of Hero Factory sets in 2011 was called Mission: Ordeal of Fire. In a Hero Factory book given out with a LEGO magazine in December, it gave this description:
Sent out on a dangerous mission to save a refueling station, the heroes are attacked by vicious Fire Villains, who prove too fast and too strong. To defeat these notorious villains, the heroes must be redesigned and re-equipped with special new weapons and gadgets. But will the redesign work? The history of the Hero Factory rests on its success!

2011. - Savage Planet

The 3.0 Hero Factory series was titled Savage Planet. It was set on a planet called Quatros, which had a core of Quaza. The main villain was named Witch Doctor, who was trying to extract the Quaza. If he succeeded, the planet would die and break apart. The six heroes, Stormer, Furno, Bulk, Nex, Stringer and the new rookie, Rocka now with animal powers, must travel to Quatros and stop the villain from killing the planet. But there are savage beasts that attack them, Waspix, Fangz, Scorpio, and Raw-Jaw, who are controlled by the Witch Doctor.

2012 - Breakout

The fourth series was titled Hero Factory Breakout and features a villain called Black Phantom, who breaks into the Hero Factory tower - with the help of mastermind Von Nebula - and allows the other villains to escape. While all of the heroes are distracted by the escapes, Black Phantom stays behind to destroy the Hero Factory assembly tower. With the mission manager captured and all of the other heroes out, Rocka was tasked to defeat Black Phantom before he could take over.

Breakout was the second series to include an XL hero (Preston Stormer), as well as the first series to include all of the original nine heroes (not including the Drop Ship pilot). Each set also contains a hero core with a secret code on the back, used for the Breakout online game. Breakout is also the first Hero Factory line scheduled to have two waves of sets, one in December 2011/January 2012 and one in summer 2012.

The December 2011/January 2012 sets had Rocka, Furno, Surge, Evo, and Breez, who didn’t come out until summer 2012 in the US, with Bulk, Stringer, Stormer, and Nex. Bulk, Breez, and Nex didn’t appear in the TV show for unknown reasons.

Despite for Bulk, Breez, and Nex not appearing in the TV show, there’s a second trailer where Bulk is knocked down by Voltix, and Nex being knocked down by Speeda Demon, and Breez didn’t appear in the trailer but in the FOX Sports Cleatus.

As far as the television series is concerned, it was the first part to have recurring villains, one of which has a main role as the ‘mastermind’ of the Breakout. Voltix seems to be the ‘breaker-outer’ of the villains, since he was the one who allowed Von Nebula to break himself out of his own black hole staff, creating a black hole and allowing the villains to escape.

2013 - Brain Attack


The Brain Attack logo

The 2013 storyline was about a mysterious factory that produces brain parasites to turn creatures of the Hero Factory universe evil. The brains go to different areas on the planet, infecting ice beasts, lava critters, desert crawlers, jungle ogres, rock monsters, sea creatures, and one brain infects an electrical dragon. Meanwhile, in Makuhero City, the heroes are going around in the public, signing autographs, giving away robo-balls, and giving interviews. Surge complains to Breez that he wants action and doesn’t want to be a puppet. Suddenly, the code red alarm goes off, and the heroes rush back. Zib explains that the brains are forcing the hosts to destroy Hero Factory, and they need upgrades. After getting their upgrades, Furno sends Evo into the service canals to combat a wave of Aquagon, sets Surge to guard the Factory (much to Surge’s annoyance), and sends everyone else into the streets. After much trial and error, Bulk finds out that the brains can be removed if they are hit on the spikes. After knocking all the brains off, they notice that Surge’s signal is inside the Hero Assembly Tower, so they head back. Dragon Bolt rams into Hero Factory, causing a mass evacuation. Rocka is left to the job of fighting the dragon, while the heroes find Surge. Inside, the heroes find that Surge has been taken over by a brain and has made an army of drones to destroy the factory. As the heroes fight them, Rocka equips himself with 44014 Jet Rocka and goes after the dragon. He manages to remove the brain, and Breez removes the brain on Surge’s head, and they shut off the drones. As they walk into the street to help out, Breez asks Surge if this experience changed anything about how he feels to help. Surge replies that since he now knows what being a real puppet is, he won’t turn down anything he can voluntarily do. But in the factory, there are more brains lying in wait for innocent minds, and they latch onto a repair crew, giving the heroes a new challenge to deal with.

The Winter releases were 44000 Furno XL, 44004 Bulk, 44002 Rocka, 44006 Breez, 44003 Scarox, 44001 Pyrox, 44005 Bruizer, and 44007 Ogrum, with 44008 Surge, 44010 Stormer, 44012 Evo, and 44014 Jet Rocka, 44009 Dragon Bolt, 44011 Frost Beast, and 44013 Aquagon being released in the summer. The Heroes resemble knights and their helmets have a transparent covering over their eyes. The villains have special parasite heads, holding parasite brains which have many similarities to the Krana and Kraata from BIONICLE. These brain creatures appeared in various transparent colors as well as black and glow-in-the-dark, with red spikes and eyes. They have six legs and long spiky tails. An online(or offline, if you have the app) game was released, which involves the player as a partially-customized hero and an Alpha Team Hero as his or her sidekick.

2014 - Invasion from Below

In the city of Antropolis, a Metro Line drill project revealed strange creatures from within the planet that abduct the crew. Hero Factory sent in Evo to investigate, which led to an attack on the city by giant beasts. Their objective: capture the civilians to give them to their queen. Alpha Team was flown in to stop the monsters by building giant mechs. Breez discovered that the monsters communicate with each other, while Stormer and Furno were kidnapped. The remaining heroes built more mechs to explore the underground tunnel. After much exploration, they arrived at the center and discovered the queen monster, who proceeded to call more monsters to her aid. Surrounded, Breez talked to the queen and convinced her to free the other heroes and let them all leave. However, a Jumper stepped on a gun and shot it. The Queen thought the Heroes shot it, which resulted in Stormer destroying the colony. They escaped to the surface and the tunnel is resealed, keeping the monsters inside. An online game (or offline, for the app) was released, featuring the player as an Alpha Team hero fighting different beasts and earning power-ups. In the main menu, the player can strengthen the heroes with certain types of powerups, or select beasts to fight (some being premium).

List of Hero variations

Hero Character 1.0 2.0 3.0 Breakout Brain Attack Invasion from Below
Natalie Breez 7165 Natalie Breez 2142 Breez 2.0 6227 Breez 44006 Breez 40116 Hero Factory Hero Minimodel,
44020 Flyer Beast vs. Breez
44027 Breez Flea Machine
Dunkan Bulk 7168 Dunkan Bulk 2182 Bulk 3.0 6223 Bulk 44004 Bulk 44025 Bulk Drill Machine
44026 Crystal Beast vs. Bulk
Nathan Evo 2067 Evo 2.0 6200 Evo 44012 Evo 44015 Evo Walker
44021 Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo
44022 Evo XL Machine
44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer
William Furno 7167 William Furno
7158 Furno Bike
2065 Furno 2.0 2191 Furno 3.0 6293 Furno 44000 Furno XL 44018 Furno Jet Machine
44021 Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo
44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer
Julius Nex 2068 Nex 2.0 2144 Nex 3.0 6221 Nex
Daniel Rocka 2143 Rocka 3.0
2282 Rocka XL
6202 Rocka 44002 Rocka
44014 Jet Rocka
44019 Rocka Stealth Machine
44023 Rocka Crawler
44028 Surge & Rocka Combat Machine
Preston Stormer 7164 Preston Stormer 2063 Stormer 2.0 2145 Stormer 3.0 6230 Stormer XL 44010 Stormer 44017 Stormer Freeze Machine
44016 Jaw Beast vs. Stormer
44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer
Jimi Stringer 7170 Jimi Stringer 2183 Stringer 3.0 6282 Stringer
Mark Surge 7169 Mark Surge 2141 Surge 2.0 6217 Surge 44008 Surge 44028 Surge & Rocka Combat Machine
44024 Tunneler Beast vs. Surge



Rise of the Rookies

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
BoxVN7145Von Nebula156$19.99 / €19.992010
BoxX7147XPlode45$12.99 / €12.99July 2010
BoxM7148Meltdown50$12.99 / €12.99July 2010
BoxC7156Corroder40$12.99 / €12.99July 13, 2010
BoxT7157Thunder47$12.99 / €12.99July 13, 2010
BoxFB7158Furno Bike165$29.99 / €29.99July 2010
DS-57160Drop Ship394$49.992010
BoxR7162Rotor145$19.99 / €19.99July 2010
Preston-27164Preston Stormer17$7.99 / €9.992010
Natalie-27165Natalie Breez19$7.99 / €9.99July 2010
William-27167William Furno19$7.99 / €9.992010
Dunkan-27168Dunkan Bulk17$7.99 / €9.99July 2010
Mark-27169Mark Surge19$7.99 / €9.99July 2010
Jimi-27170Jimi Stringer17$7.99 / €9.99July 2010
BV-27179Dunkan Bulk and Vapour89$24.99 / €24.992010

Ordeal of Fire

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Stormer 2.0 canister2063Stormer 2.031$7.99 / €9.992011
Furno 2.0 canister2065Furno 2.030$7.99 / €9.992011
Evo 2.0 canister2067Evo 2.031$7.99 / €9.99January 1, 2011
Nex 2.0 canister2068Nex 2.031$7.99 / €9.992011
Surge 2.0 canister2141Surge 2.030$7.99 / €9.992011
Breez-22142Breez 2.029$7.99 / €9.992011
Drilldozer box2192Drilldozer61$12.99 / €12.992011
Jetbug-22193Jetbug63$12.99 / €12.992011
Nitroblast-22194Nitroblast57$12.99 / €12.992011
FireLord-22235Fire Lord125$19.99 / €19.99January 2011

Savage Planet

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
2143box2143Rocka 3.030$7.99 / €9.992011
2144box2144Nex 3.029$7.99 / €9.992011
2145box2145Stormer 3.031$7.99 / €9.992011
2182box2182Bulk 3.030$7.99 / €9.992011
2183box2183Stringer 3.030$7.99 / €9.992011
2191box2191Furno 3.028$7.99 / €9.992011
2231 alt12231Waspix48$12.99 / €12.99July 2011
2232box2232Raw-Jaw52$12.99 / €12.992011
2233box2233Fangz55$12.99 / €12.99July 2011
FireLord-22235Fire Lord125$19.99 / €19.99January 2011
2236box2236Scorpio104$24.99 / €19.99July 2011
2282box2282Rocka XL174$24.99 / €24.992011
Witchdoctorfinal2283Witch Doctor331$29.99 / €34.992011
28560892856089Hero Factory 2.0 Collection182$47.94January 2011
2856227 28562322856227Hero Factory Fire Villains Collection306$58.96March 2011
28560892856228Hero Factory 2.0 Collection182€59.94March 5, 2011
2856227 28562322856232Hero Factory Fire Villains Collection306€58.96March 5, 2011


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
4648933-14648933Accessory Pack6 2012
46596074659607Booster Pack6 2012
6200 alt16200Evo36$8.992012
Lg62016201Toxic Reapa42$8.99 
6202 alt16202Rocka55$12.992012
6203 alt16203Black Phantom124$19.992012
6216bag6216Jawblade45$7.99 / €9.992012
6217bag6217Surge39$8.99 / €9.992012
6218bag6218Splitface50$12.99 / €12.992012
14217908 1207271230006221Nex39$8.99 / €9.992012
6222 alt16222Core Hunter51$12.99 / €12.992012
6223 alt16223Bulk61$12.992012
6227bag6227Breez55$12.99 / €11.872012
6228bag6228Thornraxx44$8.99 / €9.992012
6229 alt16229XT439$8.99 / €9.992012
41FS3H56sbL. SL500 AA300 6230Stormer XL89$24.99 / €19.992012
31Wgue9dZaL. SL500 AA300 6231Speeda Demon192$34.99 / €29.992012
Stringer package6282Stringer42$8.99 / €9.992012
62836283Voltix61$12.99 / €12.992012
6293bag6293Furno56$12.99 / €12.992012

Brain Attack

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
4008440084Accessory Pack6 2013
LEGO-Hero-Factory-FURNO-XL-44000-14742797-544000Furno XL103$19.99 / €19.992013
9908544001Pyrox50$12.99 / €12.992013
9908644002Rocka43$9.99 / €9.992013
9908744003Scarox46$9.99 / €9.992013
9908844004Bulk50$9.99 / €9.992013
9908944005Bruizer62$12.99 / €12.992013
BREEZ-brainatack44006Breez49$9.99 / €9.992013
9909344007Ogrum59$12.99 / €12.992013
44008 alt144008Surge66$12.99 / €12.992013
44009 alt144009Dragon Bolt149$19.99 / €24.992013
44010 alt144010Stormer69$12.99 / €12.992013
44011 alt144011Frost Beast60$12.99 / €12.992013
4401244012Evo51$9.99 / €9.992013
4401344013Aquagon41$9.99 / €9.992013
44014 alt144014Jet Rocka290$34.99 / €34.992013

Invasion from Below

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
40116-140116Hero Factory Hero Minimodel31Natalie Breez June 2014
40117-140117Villains Minimodel28 2014
Hf ifb 1344015Evo Walker51Nathan Evo$9.99 / €9.992014
Hf ifb 1544016Jaw Beast vs. Stormer49Preston Stormer$9.99 / €9.992014
Stormer Freeze Machine144017Stormer Freeze Machine88Preston Stormer$14.99 / €14.992014
Furno Jet Machine144018Furno Jet Machine79William Furno$14.99 / €14.992014
Rocka Stealth Machine144019Rocka Stealth Machine89Rocka$14.99 / €14.992014
Flyer Beast vs Breez144020Flyer Beast vs. Breez91Natalie Breez$14.99 / €14.992014
Splitter Beast vs Furno & Evo144021Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo108William Furno, Nathan Evo$19.99 / €24.992014
Evo XL Machine144022Evo XL Machine193Nathan Evo$24.99 / €24.992014
44023 alt144023Rocka Crawler49Rocka$9.992014
44024 alt144024Tunneler Beast vs. Surge59Mark Surge$9.992014
44025 alt144025Bulk Drill Machine113Dunkan Bulk$14.992014
44026 alt144026Crystal Beast vs. Bulk83Dunkan Bulk$14.992014
44027 alt144027Breez Flea Machine102Natalie Breez$14.992014
44028 alt144028Surge & Rocka Combat Machine188Mark Surge
44029 alt144029Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer217William Furno
Nathan Evo
Preston Stormer


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
IMG 284666404Hero Factory Combo Value Pack 161 2011
66414-166414Hero Factory Twin-Pack  2011
853083853083Hero Factory Mission Log Book1$3.99 / €2.99January 1, 2011
1199511995HERO Factory Recon $12.992011
HF Ultimate Sticker CollectionLEGOHero Factory Ultimate Sticker Collection $12.99July 15, 2013
Alien Attack BookLEGOHero Factory: Brain Attack $3.99July 15, 2013
Brain Wars BookLEGOHero Factory: The Brain Wars $3.99July 15, 2013
Hero Factory Book 2SecretMission 2: Legion of Darkness  2012
Hero Factory Book 3SecretMission 3: Collision Course  2013
Hero Factory Book 4SecretMission 4: Robot Rampage  2013
No imageSecretMission 5: Mirror World   

Combiner Models


See LEGO Pre-Spring 2011-
  • Hero Factory Chequered Shirt
  • Hero Factory Denim Jacket
  • Hero Factory Jeans
  • Hero Factory Knit Cardigan
  • Hero Factory Pants
  • Hero Factory Socks
  • Hero Factory Sweat Cardigan
  • Hero Factory Sweat Pants
  • Hero Factory Sweatshirt (Silas 202)
  • Hero Factory T-shirt (Tom 200)
  • Hero Factory T-shirt (Tom 201)
  • Hero Factory 7169 T-shirt
  • We Build Heroes Sweatshirt


Makuhero City skyline

The skyline of Makuhero City

  • The villains' Meteor Blasters use the same elements as BIONICLE Thornax Launchers, except for the ammunition.
  • Before Breakout came out, the skyline of the Hero Factory homepage changed to match the time of day and Makuhero city weather.
  • A Hero Factory Comic was published in July or August 2010 BrickMaster magazine and on the Hero Factory website. Another was released in September with Corroder as the main villain.
  • As with BIONICLE, there were six main heroes released per line (this tradition did not continue with the Breakout waves and beyond). The colour scheme of the heroes and villains (red, blue, white, black, green, brown) was not continued in the Hero Factory theme, instead, colours like silver, gold, orange, and yellow were reintroduced. However, in some instances of BIONICLE, like 8696 Bitil & 8989 Mata Nui, the figure had a different colour than the basic one (i.e. brown to yellow).
  • A four-episode TV series was released in the week of September 20, 2010.
  • A Direct-to-DVD movie was released November 16 2010, titled 2856076 Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies.
  • From 2011 onward the characters were modeled with four-fingered fists instead of the 2009/2010 three-fingered fists.
  • Unlike the 2010 heroes, the 2011 hero's arms could bend at the elbow.
  • In the fourth wave, Breakout, every set came with a new type of Hero Core (even the villains) which came printed with a code on the back for use with the new online game.
  • The 2012 hero cuffs use chain elements originally from 8730 Toa Hewkii and 8764 Vezon and Fenrakk.
  • Universal Studios was making plans on developing a live-action Hero Factory movie. However, since the theme is now discontinued, will likely never happen. [1]
  • Starting with the Breakout series in 2012, heroes and villains came in an all-new bag-like container, rather than a box or canister like the previous sets.
  • "Makuhero" is a pun on Make-a-hero.
  • 2014 saw the release of the first Hero Factory Minifigures. Up until then, characters had only been produced as the larger, articulated Ultrabuild figures. These did not contain the same pieces as most minifigures. They were more similar to the Droids and Robots from the Star Wars and Exo-Force themes.
  • In Invasion From Below, all the heroes that star in the episode had different voice actors from previous iterations of the show. This is because episode is made by Advance and animation company Ghost instead of Threshold Animation
  • The Mini-Robots figures had an exclusive unique armour piece, that were reused only for Drillex in Ultra Agents.
  • Roblox promoted Hero Factory's Brain Attack wave with a multiplayer game. The player controls either Furno or Pyrox, and attempts to capture and hold points on the map. The team that holds them for longest wins, and the winners are awarded with Hero Factory prizes for their avatar, such as Furno's helmet.

Online Games


List of episodes

  1. Trials of Furno
  2. Core Crisis
  3. The Enemy Within
  4. Von Nebula
  5. Ordeal of Fire
  6. Savage Planet: Part 1
  7. Savage Planet: Part 2
  8. Breakout: Part One
  9. Breakout: Part Two
  10. Brain Attack
  11. Invasion from Below



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