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Hero Recon Team was a program by Design byME that allowed you to customize and build your own heroes. As a downside, Hero Recon Team had fewer pieces than the LDD application and only allowed you to purchase a limited amount of pieces. In the LDD Hero Factory download, there are over 90 pieces, that could be customized into nearly anything, unlike Recon Team, which allowed only a standard Hero.


  • On the website caption, "Hero Recon Team" was misspelled Hero "Reckon" Team.
  • If you get LDD Extended mode, you can find most (if not all) of the 2011 Hero and Villain pieces in any colour on the palette.
  • The Hero Recon editor had an exclusive chest plate colour.
  • Hero Recon Team stopped taking orders on April 11, 2012, but upgraded the hero creator with a 3D version, similar to LDD, but with more Hero Factory.
  • It is revealed in the movie Breakout that Rocka works for the Hero Recon Team, granting him access to top secret information, such as a secret frequency to contact Professor Nathaniel Zib. He was placed in charge of guarding the black hole staff.
  • If you look carefully, you will see easter eggs in Hero Factory episodes.

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What is Hero Recon Team? Shortly after the creation of Hero Factory Mr. Makuro realized that the organization needed to understand the evils that exist in the galaxy, so he formed the secret Hero Recon Team.

Merrick Fortis was handpicked by Mr. Makuro to help form and lead this new intelligence division. Fortis set up headquarters in a secret location in Makuhero City, and set about recruiting the best and brightest heroes.