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Hidden Side was a theme released on August 1st, 2019. It was unveiled by LEGO in February 14, 2019. [1] The theme is focused around the haunted town of Newbury and is designed with an augmented reality (AR) app, allowing users to capture ghosts while solving mysteries within the spooky town.

The app is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. Even though the sets are based around an app, the sets are like any other standard system set and have standard playable features regardless of AR. At launch, the theme had eight sets.

The theme was discontinued at the end of 2020, although there was an update to the Hidden Side app in March 2021.

As of January 1, 2023, the Hidden Side App has been discontinued. It is impossible to play the game, with a note from J.B. informing the player of such. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)


Forget what you know – you’ve never experienced LEGO© play like this before. Your phone opens the door to a virtual hidden world where your LEGO© sets come alive in an unfolding ghostly adventure. Solve the mysteries haunting the town of Newbury before it’s too late.

Coming August 2019. Step inside the new interactive LEGO© experience.


A series of Hidden Side Episodes were released in association with the series. The episodes last about 3 minutes. On October 31, 2020, a 44-minute halloween special, Night of the Harbinger premiered.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
70418LabBox70418J.B.'s Ghost Lab174Jack Davids, J.B. Watt, El Fuego$19.99 / €19.99August 1, 2019
70419BoatBox70419Wrecked Shrimp Boat310Captain Jonas, Jonas Jr., Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, Spencer$29.99 / €29.23August 1, 2019
70420GraveyardBox70420Graveyard Mystery335Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, Mr. Branson, Skeleton, Spencer$29.99August 1, 2019
70421TruckBox70421El Fuego's Stunt Truck428Jack, El Fuego, Spencer, Dwayne, Joey$39.99 / €39.99August 1, 2019
70422 alt170422Shrimp Shack Attack579Jack, Parker, Chef Enzo, Waitress Sally, Ronny$49.99 / €49.99August 2, 2019
70423BusBox70423Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000689Jack, Parker, J.B. Watt, Spencer, Nanna, Bill$59.99August 1, 2019
70424TrainBox70424Ghost Train Express698Jack, Parker, J.B. Watt, Paul, Chuck, Ms. Santos$79.99August 2, 2019
70425HauntedSchoolBox70425Newbury Haunted High School1474Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, El Fuego, Spencer, Rose Davids, Mr. Clarke, Paola, Wade, Skeleton$129.99August 2, 2019
48363863801 9de47174a140336Newbury Juice Bar127Parker L. Jackson, Rocky October 30, 2019
40408 alt140408Drag Racer134Jack Davids, Dwayne$14.99January 2, 2020
791901-1791901Jack8Jack Davids 2019
791902-1791902Possessed Pizza Delivery Man6Pizza Delivery Man 2019
791903-1791903Parker6Parker L. Jackson 2019
792004-1792004El Fuego9El Fuego 2020
792005-1792005Possessed Biker6Joey February 2, 2020
30463-130463Chef Enzo's Haunted Hotdogs42Chef Enzo$12.99 / €9.99January 6, 2020
30464-130464El Fuego's Stunt Cannon46El Fuego$4.99January 6, 2020
792006-1792006J.B.9J.B. Watt 2020
792007-1792007Worker8Pete Peterson 2020
70427 Box70427Welcome to the Hidden Side189Jack Davids, Axel Chops, Scrimper, Waylon$19.99 / €19.99January 2, 2020
70428 Box70428Jack's Beach Buggy170Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, Scott Francis$19.99 / €19.99January 2, 2020
70429 Box70429El Fuego's Stunt Plane295Jack Davids, El Fuego, Spencer, Mary Breaksome$29.99 / €29.99January 2, 2020
70430 Box70430Newbury Subway Station348Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, Spencer, Pete Peterson$29.99 / €29.99January 2, 2020
70431 Box70431The Lighthouse of Darkness540Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, Claus Stormward, Jennie Napo, Skeleton$49.99 / €49.99January 2, 2020
70432 Box70432Haunted Fairground466Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, J.B. Watt, Jimbo Loblo, Terry Top$49.99 / €49.99January 2, 2020
70433 alt170433J.B's Submarine224Vaughn Geist, Parker L. Jackson, Statue of Evil$19.99 / €19.49August 24, 2020
70434 alt170434Supernatural Race Car244Jack Davids, Spencer, Vaughn Geist, Shadow-Walker$29.99 / €29.23August 24, 2020
70435 alt170435Abandoned Newbury Prison400Spencer, Jack Davids, Rami, El Fuego, Nate Lockem, Maximus$39.99 / €38.98August 24, 2020
70436 alt170436Ghost Fire Truck 3000760Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, J.B. Watt, Seymour TeeVee, Shadow-Walker, Nehmaar Reem$59.99 / €68.23August 24, 2020
70437 alt170437Castle of Mystery1035Jack Davids, Vaughn Geist, Parker L. Jackson, Shadow-Walker (2x), Nehmaar Reem$99.99 / €97.47August 24, 2020


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  • The theme uses unique stylized artwork for the boxes instead of the usual image of the set. The back of the boxes show the physical sets as well as the app feature.
  • At the 2019 Toy Fair in London, Hidden Side was shown to visitors in a hidden room under the name "The Hidden".