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"Take that, tin head!"
―Hikaru [src]

Hikaru is an Exo-Force minifigure introduced in 2006. He appeared in five sets over a three-year period.


Hikaru was released in three variations. The first appeared in 5966 Glider, 7700 Stealth Hunter, and 7709 Sentai Fortress. The other two versions only appeared in one set each, 8103 Sky Guardian and 8114 Chameleon Hunter.

In all of the versions, he has the same face. It has a thin mouth, with a small line underneath it. He has brown eyes with black eyebrows. The other side (the 'angry' side) has the same eyes, but a different mouth. Both sides have an orange mask extending over the top part of his head that can be seen underneath the hair, but with a gap in the middle for where the nose would go, if he had a nose.

His hair is made of rubber, rather than the normal plastic. It is a light blue colour, similar to Nightwing's hair except not in black.

His first suit (2006) has white pieces, apart from the hips and hands, which are black. Only the body has markings. He has a blue collar, and blue pads near his hands. On his right side, he has his symbol, and on the other side, '.01'.

His second suit (2007) is mainly dark blue, with only the hands being black. His symbol is now in the center of his chest, in gold. Gold markings cover his body.

His third suit (2008) has a silver chestplate, and a silver belt at the bottom with his symbol as the clip. The colour of the suit is white, with black hands and hips. The suit appears to have blue camouflage markings on the body, underneath the silver armour and belt.


Hikaru was originally a robot buster, a test driver for new machines, until he joined Exo-Force when the robot rebelled. He was the pilot of the Stealth Hunter, Silent Strike, Sky Guardian, Chameleon Hunter and the combiner model Blazing Hunter. Once, when he piloted his Stealth Hunter, he risked himself to rescue a human engineer from the robots, and thus doing so, disobeying Keiken's orders. But when he returned with the engineer, he was awarded Silent Strike. At another time, he rescued Takeshi's family from the robots.

At the end of 2006, he went in the Silent Strike with Takeshi and Ryo to find the golden city. When they arrived there, he gained the Sky Guardian.

At the end of 2007, he went with the other three pilots to rescue Sensei Keiken, leaving Hitomi in charge of the Golden City.


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