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"Make LEGO® models, not war!"

The Hippie is a Collectable Minifigure released in 2012 as one of the sixteen minifigures from 8831 Minifigures Series 7.


"Peace out!" The Hippie comes with a new brown rasta hairpiece with an orange headband and a new face design. On his face, he has a brown mustache and a grin with the eyebrows pointing upwards. He also has gold glasses printed around his eyes. He also has purple legs. His torso also has a tan vest and a green shirt with a tie-dye design on it and he has arm printing like other Collectable Minifigures in past series.


  • He also comes with the new flower stalk piece that the Bride has.
  • He is the seventh minifigure to have arm printing.
  • He is the mascot for 8831 Minifigures Series 7.
  • He is the only minifigure from series 7 to have arm printing.
  • His quote has a reference to the T-Shirt (A printed 2x2 tile piece) in 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van that says the exact same thing. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

“Make LEGO® models, not war!”
The friendly, good-natured Hippie loves everything in the entire world. Rain and shine, day and night, puppies and kittens – they all bring a happy smile to his face. With a fashion sense that hasn’t changed since the Sixties, he never stays in the same place for long, preferring to roam across city and countryside alike, stopping only to smell the flowers and spread his simple message of peace, love and LEGO bricks.

As a pioneer of the Free-Building movement, the Hippie rejects all building instructions. Instead, he believes that true creativity lies in making a big pile of your bricks and putting them together in whatever way most inspires your imagination. According to him, it’s the ultimate groovy way to reveal your true inner soul as a builder!



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