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"Besides, if you can do something, I can do it and better!"

Hitomi is an Exo-Force minifigure released in 2007. She was the guard at the Golden Tower, occasional pilot of the Blazing Falcon, and later the stand-in leader of the Exo-Force team.


Hitomi has black, manga-style hair (using the same piece as Hikaru and the Tank Gunner) and wears a purple and black suit with a golden armor over it. She sometimes carries two golden katanas.


Granddaughter of Sensei Keiken, Hitomi showed an aptitude for mechanical work from an early age. She was also a very daring, and courageous young girl. When the first robot rebellion broke out, she begged to be allowed to fight, even though she was much too young at the time. Her grandfather refused. In the intervening time between the two robot wars, Hitomi got a job working with Keiken and Ryo to design the new battle machines that would be used by Exo-Force. She dreamed of someday piloting a battle machine herself, although she knew Keiken would never approve that. She became close friends with Ha-Ya-To. When the Sensei was kidnapped, he placed her in charge of the City and commander of the Exo-Force team. She used two golden katanas for her weaponry.



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