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Hobgoblin is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure to released in 2016.


Hobgoblin has a double expression on his beige colored head piece: a smiling expression and a serious expression. He has an orange hood and an orange cape with torn fabric. His torso has front and back printing and is mainly orange and blue in color. Although his leg piece has no printing it has multiple colors with the lower half being orange and the upper blue. He has a pumpkin bomb as an accessory.


The first Hobgoblin was Roderick Kingsley, a fashion designer who located an old stash of Green Goblin's Paraphernalia. He modified the arsenal (including removing the insanity-inducing effects of the Goblin Formula) and took to the streets as Hobgoblin. Early on in his career, he had at least four people brainwashed and disguised as Hobgoblins to take the fall for him.


  • Hobgoblin's appearance most closely resembles that of his appearance from the comics.
  • The third Hobgoblin was Ned Leeds.


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Taking inspiration (and stolen equipment) from Spider-Man’s arch-foe the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin uses his chemically enhanced strength and an arsenal of Halloween-themed villainous gadgets to rob, steal, and increase his criminal power. Between his hovering goblin glider and his flaming pumpkin bombs, this cackling crook is a real threat to Spider-Man and his fellow heroes!