Class 4 article

Hockey was a subtheme of Sports introduced in 2003. With three exceptions, no actual Minifigures were used in it, instead, hockey players are built out of TECHNIC pieces. The sets were mainly based upon different unique fictional players, with the exceptions of the Minifigures-included sets. Some 2004 sets were McDonald's promotions. Several Hockey sets are very sought after for TECHNIC builders for the spring piece which is useful for return-to-center steering mechanisms.

The sets feature NHL Branding on the box art. This art features NHL players from various teams. Many sets included jersey stickers from all then 29 NHL teams to decorate the sets. Unlike the Basketball theme no physical Minifigures were made for real life hockey players.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10127-110127NHL Action Set with Stickers59$8.992003
3540-1-13540Puck Passer44 2003
3541-1-13541Slap Shot45 2003
3542-1-13542Flip Shot46 2003
3543 Box3543Slammer Goalie43 2003
3544-13544Game Set146 2003
3545-1-13545Puck Feeder152 2003
3557 Blue Player and Goal3557Blue Player and Goal34$3.992003
3558 Red Player and Goal3558Red Player and Goal34$4.002003
3559 Red Player and Blue Player3559Red and Blue Player41 2003
3578-13578NHL Championship Challenge374Hockey Player 1 Hockey Player 2 Hockey Player 3 Hockey Player 4 Hockey Player 5 Hockey Player 6 Hockey Player 7 Hockey Player 8 2004
3579-13579NHL Street Hockey1142 Street Hockey players$19.992004
5014 2 Players50142 Players28 2003
5017 2 Players50172 Players36 2003
Rk1280 2 765182Slammer Stadium146 2003
7919 Hockey Player7919White Hockey Player61 2004
Hkycup-1MiniStanley Cup7 (preassembled) 2004