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―Hockey Player

The Hockey Player is a Minifigure that was released in 2011 as part of the 8804 Minifigures Series 4.


The Hockey Player has a dark blue hockey outfit with a face guard element which can attach to the helmet. His team symbol is a wolf. He has an aggressive expression. He includes a new white hockey stick piece, skates, and a stud as a hockey puck. He is also one of two minifigures to have the new ice skates piece, the other figure being the Ice Skater.

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Raised by wild wolves out on the frozen tundra until he was discovered by a traveling sports agent, the Hockey Player quickly proved to have a natural talent at the fierce and fast-paced sport of ice hockey. Whether he’s chasing the puck across the rink or guarding his team’s home goal, he’s dedicated to one thing and one thing alone: winning the game!

No one’s faster or tougher on the ice than this ferocious fellow, and no one’s more loyal to his team, either. Rival players have learned not to get too close to the Hockey Player when he’s ‘in the zone.’ Why’s that? Let’s just say that the cage on his helmet isn’t only for his own protection!



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