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Holley Shiftwell is a female British spy car in Cars 2. She was Mater's love intrest.


Holly is coloured Magenta and has green eyes.


Holley Shiftwell is a British spy from Cars 2. She is first seen with Finn McMissile, and the two of them are looking for an American spy. They seem to think they found him, but the real agent gave the chip with the image of the head lemon's hood opened up, to Mater. Mater doesn't know he has it, and doesn't know that Holley is a spy. Holley seems to think that Mater is a spy, and mistakenly planned to meet him at the first race of the World Grand Prix. Holley leads Mater out of the pit stop, and to her. Yet during all this, Mater thinks he is going to meet Holley for a date. The three of them (Holley, Finn, and Mater) escape from a few of the 'lemons' and fly over to Italy for the second race of the World Grand Prix. Mater tells Finn and Holley that the image was under the hood of an oil car. They find out that Miles Axlerod was the car, and that he was planning to make all the 'lemons' powerful. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Holley Shiftwell

This beautiful young desk agent may not have had a lot of mission experience yet, but she knows every trick in the secret agent manual and she’s ready to put her skills into practice saving the world!

It's time for Mater's next big spy mission, and it's up to Holley to make sure the rookie secret agent is all geared up and ready. Good thing she has her computerized info screen to give her all the data she needs!

As a super secret agent and spy, Holley is full of surprises. Sprouting a set of wings, she takes off into the air in jet mode to save the day from the forces of automotive evil!



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