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"Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without all of you!"
―Hollywood Starlet

Hollywood Starlet, named Marilyn Money,[1] is a Minifigures Series 9 minifigure released in January 2013. She also appears in the short-lived LEGO Minifigures Online.


The Hollywood Starlet has a new hairpiece that is short curly hair which is in blonde. She has a smiling face with red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. She has yellow arms and hands and a light turquoise torso which is the top of her dress, the torso has a bit of her skin showing at the top and she wears a necklace. The lining of her chest is also seen, as the dress supports it. The rest of the torso is light turquoise decorated with sliver spots, and she has a dress which continues her torso markings. She has a golden minifigure-shaped trophy, which is meant to be an oscar.


  • The Hollywood Starlet is one of four minifigures to have a minifigure-shaped trophy. The first is Karate Master from Series 2, the second is the Sumo Wrestler from Series 3, and the third one is the Soccer Player from Series 4.
  • She resembles Marilyn Monroe. This is emphasized by her name, Marilyn Money, in Mystery on the LEGO Express.
  • Her bio mentions the The Thespian.
  • According to the Minifigures Character Encyclopedia, she won her trophy for her performance on "The Seven Stud Brick", which is a play on "The Seven Year Itch".


Book Appearances

  • Mystery on the LEGO Express

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“Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without all of you!”

The Hollywood Starlet may be new on the movie scene, but she’s on the fast track to becoming the most famous and beloved actress in the world. Beautiful and talented, she can make the audience laugh or reduce them to tears, and keeps them coming back to watch her next performance.

More than anything else, the Hollywood Starlet wants to work with the Thespian to create the best movie ever made. She’s tried everything, but so far he’s refused to step in front of the camera. Maybe now that she’s won the top film award, he’ll finally change his mind… and in the meantime, she’ll be acting her heart out on the silver screen!



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