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The Horseback Rider is a minifigure released in 2012 as part of the 8909 Team GB Minifigures series.


The Horseback Rider has white legs, printed with black boots and the lower section of a blue sash and red badge wrapped around her hip. Her black torso features a continuation of the same sash and badge, with "TEAM GB" and the Team GB Logo printed on it. She wears a black vest, with white underneath it. She has black arms, and yellow hands. Her face is also yellow, printed with a smiling expression and red lipstick. She has dark red hair, and a red riding cap.
She, like all the Olympic minifigures, wears a red and gold medal.


  • The riding helmet is the only element newly introduced in the series. It's also the first headgear originally for the Friends doll (Theresa from 3185 Summer Riding Camp) that is used for a System minifigure.

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Horseback rider

Riding her way to the last hurdle, this athlete won’t be horsing around when it comes to winning!