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Hot Dog Man is a minifigure released in January 2015 as part of 71008 Minifigures Series 13.


He has a plain tan torso with yellow hands, plain sky blue legs, and a new smiling face. The hot dog piece is in a 'sandwich board' style, similar to Chewbacca and the Ewoks from Star Wars.


He is included in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed as an Attacker unit with the abilities Bun Fu, Hot Stuff, All the Fixin's and Relished Opportunity. Before the global launch, he lacked the latter ability. He is notable for being one of two characters to be able to inflict the Time Bomb effect. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“Try me with mustard, ketchup, relish or sauerkraut!”

Can you guess what the Hot Dog Man’s favorite food is in the entire world? That’s right – it’s hot dogs! He loves hot dogs so much that he’s made his very own hot dog outfit so he can travel around reminding people just how tasty hot dogs are.

If it’s a sunny summer day at the park, the ball game, the movies or the zoo, that’s where you’ll find the Hot Dog Man dancing and singing about the wonders of cooked sausages in a bun. His greatest dream is to one day find out exactly how hot dogs are made. Best of luck, Hot Dog Man! This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

Ask yourself, is a hot dog a sandwich? To Hot Dog Man, a hot dog is not a sandwich. It's a way of life that he relishes. Now traveling around in a hot dog suit of his own design, Hot Dog Man is determined to spread the word about the wienie way of life. One day, he hopes to discover how hot dogs are actually made, which we're sure won't at all scar him emotionally!


  • He is the first collectible minifigure dressed up as food.
  • The hot dog piece is brand new.
  • He appears in LEGO Minifigures Online.
  • In The Indominus Escape, he is shown as a park worker who is forced to wear his costume to feed the Indominus Rex with hot dogs.
  • A new version of Hot Dog Man named Nomis makes a cameo appearance as a civilian in The LEGO Ninjago Movie, though this version has a new face with a stubble and glasses. The actual Hot Dog Man later has a cameo appearance alongside Nomis being attacked by Garmadon's army.
  • The Hot Dog Man makes two cameos in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He is first seen in Harmony Town behind the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz dancing alongside Lizard Man and various other LEGO civilians brainwashed by the "Catchy Song". He is later seen in the Systar System's wedding pavilion alongside other minifigures and minidolls, and is shown visibly crying after Emmett destroys the wedding cake.


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