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"One of Batman’s oldest foes, Hugo Strange™ has no powers except for his brilliant but warped mind. He uses his scientific and psychiatric skills to perform weird experiments, from creating mutated monsters to attempting to deduce Batman’s secret identity. Whatever you do, don’t call him “Doctor” – the distinguished medical profession would never stand for it!" —

Hugo Strange is a DC Comics minifigure introduced in LEGO Batman: The Videogame in 2008. He was physically released in 2018 as one of The Lego Batman Movie Wave 2's minifigures.


Professor Hugo Strange is a deranged scientist and professional criminal who serves as Batman's oldest recurring enemy. Strange has committed a wide variety of crimes ranging from illegal experiments to create monster-men, attempts at brainwashing, and using weather machines to go on crime-sprees.

A genius psychiatrist, Hugo Strange was capable of using his skills to deduce Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne. As the Dark Knight's oldest rogue, Hugo became deeply envious and hateful towards him and came to believe that only he was worthy of being the Joker.

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  • Hugo Strange is voiced by Corey Burton in LEGO DC Super-Villains, who also voiced the character in the 2011 game Batman: Arkham City. His minifigure from The Lego Batman Movie even seems to be mostly based on his appearance in said game.
    • Burton is also known for voicing Count Dooku, as well as other characters portrayed by Christopher Lee.
  • In the TV series Gotham, Hugo Strange is portrayed by B.D. Wong, who also portrays Henry Wu in the Jurassic World films; both are responsible for creating "monsters" of varying definition (Strange for his human/monster hybrids and Wu for his dinosaur hybrids), and both are recognized doctors with moral ambiguity. BD Wong also voices Li Shang in Mulan.


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