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Hunter is a Star Wars minifigure that was released in 2021.


One of the millions of clones of the human male Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett grown on the planet Kamino, Hunter was the leader of the experimental unit Clone Force 99, also known by its members as "The Bad Batch." The elite clone squad consisting of clone commandos with desirable genetic mutations, with Hunter's being enhanced senses. He was able to feel electromagnetic frequencies from anywhere on a planet. Hunter served as Clone Sergeant, commanding the sharpshooter Crosshair, strongman Wrecker, and the technology genius Tech. The group flew in an Omicron-class attack shuttle called the Havoc Marauder. Clone Force 99 was named after the Maintenance duty clone 99, who was killed in the Battle of Kamino. Aside from Crosshair, Hunter and the members of Clone Force 99 were minimally affected by the inhibitor chips implanted in all clones by the Kaminoans.

Throughout the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems Clone Force 99 had a 100% percent success rate in their missions, but had a reputation for their unorthodox methods and disobedience. Hunter lost count of the amount of missions they had completed, feeling that the action blurred together. The Force was known throughout the Grand Army of the Republic to clone troopers such as Jesse and Kix, although Captain Rex had not heard of them. At some point in the war Hunter met Commander Cody, and Clone Force 99 was given at least one suicide mission by him, but the members could not articulate who their regular superior officer was. The members of Clone Force 99 also met and bonded with the family of the clone deserter Cut Lawquane on Saleucami during the war.

In 19 BBY, Clone Force 99 was fighting an Insurrection on Yalbec Prime, where Wrecker cut off the Yalbec queen's stinger, causing the males of the species to try to mate with them. During the insurrection, Commander Cody transmitted a request for Clone Force 99 to arrive on Anaxes. The Republic was losing the Battle of Anaxes, and to turn the tide Captain Rex and Cody plotted an attack with a small squad on a Separatist Cyber Center, with Cody selecting The Bad Batch for the mission. The squad nearly crashed the Havoc Marauder as it flew at high speed into Fort Anaxes. Hunter exited the starship first and apologized for their tardiness, explaining their encounter with the Yalbecs as an "unforseen complication." The sergeant vouched for the flaws and abilities of his brothers before enquiring about the nature of their mission, boarding a Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunship and getting briefed en route to their destination.

The gunship was shot down by DSD1 dwarf spider droids, crashing in a canyon. Cody was trapped within the wreckage, and when Rex tried to help his friend Hunter stopped him and ordered Wrecker to help. Wrecker used his immense strength to lift the entire gunship and pull Cody out. Afterwards the clones saw an army of B1-series battle droid advancing towards them, and Rex advocated making a stand there. Hunter disagreed, as Clone Force 99 had their own methods and preferred taking the fight to the enemy. Hunter called out for Plan 82, where the unit worked as a team, with Wrecker providing cover with a large piece of the gunship, and Tech calculating positions for Hunter to throw droid poppers at, which were shot by Crosshair to disable a wide field of droids. As more spider droids advanced Hunter gave the order to fan out, fighting droids with his DC-17 hand blaster and vibroknife. With the droids eliminated Rex complemented Hunter on the squad's work and suggested that they move out from their compromised position.

At a camp Jesse enquired as to what Hunter's genetic enhancement was, with Kix joking that it was ability to put up with the other three. Tech explained his abilities and stated that unlike maps, Hunter was never wrong. With Cody incapacitated Rex took command of the mission, escalating tensions between Clone Force 99 and Rex's men to the point of a near brawl. Hunter had to step in to get Wrecker to put down Kix, and chastised the men for their actions and focused on the mission, agreeing to follow Rex's lead and complete the mission his way. When the clones arrived at a Separatist outpost that was easier to attack than evade, Hunter asked for Rex's orders, expecting an infiltration mission, but the captain agreed to lead a frontal assault in Bad Batch style, which excited Hunter. The clones broke into the Center and rode an elevator up to the command tower, eliminating many droids along the way. Hunter complemented Rex, that he was not bad for a "Reg" a term the Bad Batch used for the rank-and-file clones.

From the outpost the clones spotted the Cyber Center, and Tech discovered a platoon of droids heading there. Hunter correctly theorized that their destruction at the crash site had been noticed. To infiltrate the outpost the clones Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker stole speeder bikes to flank the Separatists from the rear while the other clones attacked the entrance. After Wrecker broke down the back door the three clones entered the base and gunned down the B1 battle droids inside. Inside the base's command center Hunter attacked two T-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid with his vibro-knife, leaving Tech to analyze the Separatist computers while he and Wrecker joined the assault at the entrance. After clearing out the B1 battle droids a Multi-Troop Transport arrived and dropped off a host of B2-series super battle droids. The droids pushed the clones back inside the Cyber Center, where Hunter had to forcefully recall a stuned Rex back out. After being pushed outside the Center the clones were picked up by Crosshair driving a stolen Separatist airspeeder. On returning to Fort Anaxes Rex revealed that the Separatists tactical advantage was caused by CT-1409, an Advanced Recon Commando nicknamed "Echo" who was long believed to be dead.

At the base, plans for a mission to the source of Echo's signals on Skako Minor. Hunter met Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and expressed concern that the general staff had not sanctioned the mission, on account on its far-fetched nature. Skywalker was certain that it would be approved and that the primary objective was to uncover the Separatists' strategic advantages, regardless of Echo's involvement. Hunter offered Clone Force 99 to the mission, if only to allow an "I told you so." Skywalker and Rex left so the Jedi could contact his secret wife Padmé Amidala, while Hunter returned to wait at the Havoc Marauder with the Bad Batch. On the way to Skako Minor Rex and Skywalker asked about the Force's nature, with Hunter unsure of the amount of missions they had undertaken or who they regularly reported to.

As the Havoc Marader approached Skako Minor, Tech called out that it would be a difficult landing, leading everyone to strap in. As the crew landed and discussed the world's native Poletecs, one riding a winged keeradak landed on the ship and caused it to shake violently. Hunter wanted the creature removed from his ship and ran outside, followed by the crew. More mounted keeradaks arrived as they tried to force the keeradak off, and one grabbed Skywalker and flew off. Crosshair shot a grapple onto it, which Hunter grabbed and informed Rex he was going for a ride. The clone was pulled into the air and began shooting at the keeradak's rider with his blaster, which he dropped when the rider maneuvered out of his aim. As the keeradaks and Poletecs neared their village Hunter detached his cable and landed on a ridge overlooking the settlement. He contacted Tech via comlink and informed Clone Force 99 to hone in on his signal.

When they arrived Hunter informed them that the tribesmen were holding Skywalker, and Rex instructed them that they would move in and only disarm the Poletecs without casualties. Wrecker rolled a boulder down a cliff into the village, with the clones following behind. Hunter pointed his blaster at the chief, the one who had abducted Skywalker, and ordered Tech to translate the language through his gear. The translation revealed that Skywalker had only been taken because the Poletecs wanted to avoid further warfare on their planet, as had already been propogated by the presence of Techno Union Foreman and Separatist Council member Wat Tambor. The Poletecs agreed to escort the clones and Skywalker to Tambor's headquarters in the city of Purkoll. At a vantage point overlooking the city Hunter and Crosshair both gave knowing looks at Wrecker when Skywalker expressed hope that none of them were afraid of heights. When Tech observed that the signal thought to belong to Echo had disappeared, Hunter suggested that the signal may have been a trap and that Echo was truly dead.

Rex reacted angrily when Crosshair suggested his guilt over leaving Echo at the Citadel was driving the mission, leading Skywalker to instruct Hunter to take Clone Force 99 to look for an entrance while he discussed the matter privately with Rex. The commandos found an entrance to a tower base before Skywalker and Rex arrived; when they did Hunter informed them that Echo's signal was restored. The group took an turbolift up the tower and Skywalker's instructions to keep the mission quiet were ignored. Clone Force 99 blasted their way out of the turbolift and destroyed a group of D1-series aerial battle droids in the room they opened up to. Outside the room, Tech realized that Echo's signal was only present when he was transmitting data, leading Skywalker to split up the group to search every room in the tower. Hunter ran with Rex, Tech, and Wrecker.

When the signal returned, Hunter identified the room it emanated from. As the group tried to enter it a transmission from Tambor appeared on a viewscreen, with the foreman stating that the clones' movements had been predictable and that Echo was gone, his mind a prisoner of the Separatists. A large group of aerial battle droids surrounded the clones and were ordered by Tambor to execute them. Hunter threw his knife to deactivate one droid and destroyed several in the group with his knife and blaster, along with Skywalker and Crosshair, who had joined them. After the initial group was destroyed Skywalker ordered Tech to open the door for Rex, and Hunter expressed his hope that the captain found what he sought. Rex found Echo indeed, wired into machinery in suspended animation.

Hunter assisted in the rescue mission once CT-1409 had been successfully unplugged. The group fought off the droids until Anakin cut a hole in the ceiling, which he used the Force to lift Hunter and the rest of the group through. When they exited the compound, the group escaped on keeradaks. They made their way to the native campsite, where a battle broke out. The natives assisted Hunter and the rest of the group, fighting the droids with them. Eventually, the droids were defeated, and Hunter escaped Skako along with the rest of the group, and returned to Fort Anaxes.

After returning to Fort Anaxes, Echo revealed that his cybernetic enhancements gave him access to Separatist schematics and blueprints. Hunter and the rest of Clone Force 99 were sent with Rex and Echo to destroy the Separatist fleet above Anaxes and disable their superweapon. Hunter and his comrades did not trust Echo, believing that he was a Separatist spy. The group put their plan into action, and Echo proved himself by helping Clone Force 99 on the mission. Anakin Skywalker killed Admiral Trench, and once the explosives were set, Wrecker was given the detonator and destroyed the dreadnought along with the rest of the fleet. Upon returning to Anaxes, the Bad Batch was honored for their service and commended by Jedi General Mace Windu. Hunter extended an offer to join Clone Force 99 to Echo, which he accepted.

As the war drew to a close, Hunter and Clone Force 99 were stationed on the planet Kaller, where Republic forces led by Jedi General Depa Billaba were pinned down by the droid army. Billaba's Padawan Caleb Dume was sent to find reinforcements and recruited Clone Force 99, who rolled a boulder down a hill onto the oncoming battle droids. Hunter and Clone Force 99 then emerged from the forest, with Hunter using his vibroknife and blaster. Hunter then ordered Crosshair to deal with the Armored Assault Tanks, which he did by launching a cable between them, which allowed Wrecker to then push them off a nearby cliff. Clone Force 99 dealt with the remaining battle droids and return to the Republic trenches, where Hunter suggested that Billaba launch a counterattack. Billaba's subordinate commander CC-10/994, nicknamed "Grey" responded indigantly, reminding Hunter that the general was in command, but Billaba agreed and followed Hunter's advice.

While Billaba's clones advanced Dume introduced his master to Clone Force 99, where she praised the force's abilities. She then enquired about the reinforcements that were expected, but Hunter explained that they were directed to the capital and that Clone Force 99 was their only provision. Tech then revealed that communications were anticipating the potential end of the war, as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was engaging Seperatist General Grievous on Utapau, where Republic victory could result in the collapse of the Confederate command structure. The clones knew they still had to continue fighting on Kaller, and Hunter asked Billaba if she had orders or if they could apply their demonstrated expertise. Billaba asked Dume, who enthusiastically asked if he could join Clone Force 99, although Hunter asked him if he was prepared to move quickly along with them.

Clone Force 99 did not have the chance to participate in further battle. As they ran into the fray Grey received a transmission from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to execute Order 66, an instruction given to clones to terminate the Jedi that was mandated by the inhibitor chips. Dume rushed back to help Billaba, who was surrounded by hostile clones, which the members of Clone Force 99 noticed. From a distance they watched Billaba's death and ran back as Dume ran away, heeding his master's final instruction to run. The Padawan told the clones to stay away from him and ran into the forest, while Hunter called for him to wait. Hunter and the other Clone Force 99 members were unaffected by Order 66 due to their genetic enhancements, and so were confused by the sudden betrayal of the Jedi. Hunter ordered Tech and Echo to talk to Grey to learn what they could, while he and Crosshair followed Dume.

The two clones spotted Dume hiding in a treetop; Hunter called for him to come down, but Crosshair, who unlike his compatriots was affected by the inhibitor chips, fired on the Padawan who escaped further into the forest. Hunter asked what Crosshair was doing, to which the sniper insisted that he was following orders. Hunter told him to stand down as they were unclear on what the orders were, while Crosshair muttered the phrase "Good soldiers follow orders." After further pursuit Tech discovered explained via transmission that the clones had been ordered to execute the Jedi in response to treason, an explanation that satisfied Crosshair but left Hunter more confused. Crosshair spotted Dume again and knocked out the treebranch he was under. On the ground Dume and Crosshair fought while Hunter protested, with the clone being knocked down.

Hunter told Dume to stay calm and that he was on his side, but Dume continued to run, unsure who to trust. The Padawan came to the edge of a ravine and turned to face Hunter, who removed his helmet and tried to explain that he was equally confused and not responsible for Billaba's death. Hunter asked Dume to come with him, but as the Padawan heard more clones coming he jumped over the ravine and escaped into the distance. Crosshair woke up and caught up to Hunter, who lied and said he had stunned the Jedi and caused him to fall into the ravine.

As the Havoc Marauder returned to Kamino, Crosshair questioned Hunter on his version of events, noticing that the sergeant had not been looking down into the ravine as one would when something had fallen down there. Hunter brushed off Crosshair's interrogation, insisting that he did not enjoy looking. On their home planet Hunter found it odd that clone shock troopers from the Coruscant Guard were present, and learned from one of them that the war had come to an end with Grievous's death on Utapau. While Clone Force 99 walked through Tipoca City's halls Hunter observed that all the other clones were acting strange. There the clones attended a mass rally where they watched the Proclamation of the New Order delivered by Palpatine, which transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire. There, Clone Force 99 was recognized by Omega, a female clone medical assistant who was fascinated by the squad's exploits.

At a mess hall Clone Force 99 ate and met Omega, who expressed admiration for their exploits. A fight broke out amongst the clones after one of them insulted Omega, resulting in Echo being knocked out. Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin arrived on Kamino to assess the clone trooper's ability, believing they should be replaced by enlisted troops. To test their mettle Clone Force 99 took part in a training simulation, which Tarkin escalated to have them fight against live-firing. The clones were successful and were afterwards dispatched to deal with insurgent forces on Onderon, but were given minimal information about their targets. Omega met Hunter at the docking bay and warned him not to trust Tarkin. On that world they only found a group of militia and refugees led by Saw Gerrera, who informed the clones of the nature of the new Empire and that he was preparing for civil war. Gerrera let the clones leave to choose their own path while his people evacuated.

At the Havoc Marauder the clones discussed the developments, with Crosshair expressing contempt for his squadmates disobedience. Clone Force 99 was arrested at Kamino after returning their to retrieve Omega, while Crosshair was taken out to have his inhibitor chip analyzed and its effects enhanced. In their holding cell along with Omega the clones worked out how to escape and retrieved their gear at their impounded ship. Crosshair arrived and fired on his former companions, but Hunter and Clone Force 99 managed to escape along with Omega. While in space the clones wondered where to go, and Hunter suggested that they knew someone at coordinates J-19 who they could turn to.


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