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Hutchins is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Minifigure introduced in 2018.


Hutchins has a unique head, printed torso, and printed legs; his helmet was in a new color for 2018 and later reused for the Dragon Armor worn by Sensei Wu the same year. The gold "horns" piece used for the helmet is also used for the various versions of Samurai X (both Nya and P.I.X.A.L.), while the shoulder armor was used for the 2018 Samurai X and for the Mighty Micros Thanos.


Hutchins was the master of arms for the royal family of Ninjago, and thus responsible for the safety of the Emperor and Empress of Ninjago and their adopted daughter Harumi. After the Sons of Garmadon stole the Mask of Vengeance from Cyrus Borg in The Mask of Deception, Hutchins met with the Ninja to discuss the theft and ask for their help. Following their participation in security for a speech given by the Emperor, Hutchins informed them that they were invited into the Royal Palace of Ninjago. After presenting them to the royal family, he showed them around the palace, notably leading them to a display case supposedly containing the Mask of Deception.

In The Jade Princess Hutchins later discovered that Princess Harumi had left the palace and ended up in the company of Lloyd, much to his dismay. He insisted upon taking her home, and then warned Lloyd to stay away from her in the future. Cole later spotted him entering a tunnel on the palace grounds, and upon finding explosives believed that Hutchins had set them. The explosions were followed by an attack by the Sons of Garmadon, during which Hutchins revealed that the display case mask was a fake. He entrusted the true Mask of Deception to Lloyd and Harumi, and bade them escape while he attempted to save the Emperor and Empress; all three apparently perished.