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Hydronauts (Aquanauts)
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1998 (1999)

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Hydronauts (called Aquanauts outside of America, just like the 1995 subtheme) were a group of good-guys in the Aquazone theme. Their enemies were the Stingrays, and like them, they were 1998 only.


  • The Hydronauts were called Aquanauts in catalogues outside the U.S., suggesting a continuation of the 1995 Aquazone faction of the same name (Aquanauts).
  • The subtheme's colour scheme was similar the one of the earlier Aquanaut line, the only differences were the transparent pieces which were now exclusively transparent green instead of blue and trans-neon orange.
  • The minifigs had unique masks printed onto their faces which gave them a very alien look.
  • The Hydronauts used suction cups to move their storage boxes in contrast to the commonly utilised magnets.
  • The 1999 set 1095 Super Sub featured a minifig with an Aquasharks torsopiece and didn't match the colourscheme of the 1998 Hydronauts sets. The box however, was labeled with the Hydronauts logo. The set is the same as 6100 Aquashark Dart from 1998 which was then attributed to the Aquasharks.


Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
1095 1095  Super Sub  24  1   $3.00  1999 
6110 Box 6110  Solo Sub  22  Hydronaut   $4.00  1998 
6150 Box 6150  Crystal Detector  101  Hydronaut   $19.99  1998 
6159 Crystal Detector 6159  Crystal Detector  104  Hydronaut     1998 
6180 Box 6180  Hydro Search Sub  274  4   $50.00  1998 
6199 HCS 6199  Hydro Crystallization Station  472  5   $89.99  1998 


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