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The Ice Planet Astronaut,[1] also known as the Ice Planet Explorer,[2] is an Ice Planet 2002 minifigure introduced in 1993.


The Ice Planet Astronaut wears a standard Ice Planet 2002 uniform with black torso and legs, white arms, and bright blue gloves and hip. His torso is printed with spacesuit details and the Ice Planet logo. He is equipped with white airtanks and a white Crash Helmet with a Transparent Flourescent Reddish-Orange visor. His face has the standard smiling expression with additional white hair.


The Ice Planet Astronaut is a scientist who explores Krysto under the leadership of Commander Cold. According to German catalogs, the Ice Planet Astronaut covers a number of scientific professions, including being a countdown specialist, a galactologist, and a climatologist.[3]


  • With the exception of his head, the Ice Planet Astronaut's minifigure is identical to Doctor Kelvin, since they wear the same spacesuit.
  • His head would later be reused for Zack from Western.
  • While the Ice Planet Astronaut does not make a direct appearance in LEGO Racers, all of his pieces (except for the airtanks, since no neck accessories are available) are included in the character creator, allowing the player to build him as a playable racer.