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Imperial Armada
Imperial armada flag.png
Release years:

1996-1997, 2001

Main theme:


Colour scheme:

White & Yellow

Concurrent faction(s):

Pirates (faction)

Imperial Armada was a subtheme of Pirates from 1996, which was partially re-released in 2001. It had the smallest number of sets in a Pirates theme, 3. The Armada replaced the Imperial Guards as main adversaries of the pirates.

The soldiers were modeled after Spanish conquistadors of the 16th and 17th century and were the first minifigures to feature morion helmets. The theme lasted one year.


The Armada had no facilities, only two ships, the 6280 Armada Flagship, which was remade in 2001 as the 6291 Armada Flagship, also known as the Spaniard ship. The third set was a small rowboat and building with one soldier, the 6244 Armada Sentry.

In 1997, several Pirates sets came out that included Armada figures. The First was 6204 Buccaneers, which included two Armada Conquistadors. 6296 Shipwreck Island included a soldier on a raft. The 6249 Pirates Ambush included a soldier with a boat, and 6281 Pirates Perilous Pitfall includes two soldiers with a boat.

The subtheme's minifigures were based on the Spanish conquistadors and the Spanish Navy of the 16th and 17th century. Their most recognizable feature was the conquistador helmets.

The Imperial Armada theme was phased out around 2001, and when Pirates tried to make a comeback in 2009, the Armada figures were replaced with red coated soldiers similar to the Imperial Guards, but without backpacks and had different printing.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
6244 Box.jpg6244Armada Sentry701$8.751996
6280 Box.jpg6280Armada Flagship284The Admiral, Captain Valiant, Conquistador$49.991996
6291 Box.jpg6291Armada Flagship284The Admiral, Captain Valiant, Conquistador$49.99 / €54.992001

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