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You may be looking for Imperial Guard (trooper) (1992) or the Bluecoat Soldier (2015)

The Imperial Soldier is a Minifigure from the Imperial Soldiers faction from the LEGO Pirates theme.


The Imperial Soldier is based off of French colonial soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. Their uniform consists of a shako hat, backpack, red epaulettes and blue uniform. They usually carry around the flintlock musket, and often use the cutlass, although one trooper is down wielding dual flintlock pistols in the 1991 catalogue diorama.[1]

They were first released in 1989. A slight variation of the Imperial Soldier appeared as a reissue in 852697 Vintage MF Collection Volume 3 and in the 4613365 Imperial Soldier Magnet. A specific Imperial Soldier named Private LaQuay appears in LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.


  • The Imperial Guard is very similar to the Imperial Soldier trooper, sharing the shako hat and backpack, while the only difference is the blue epaulets and red uniform, and using the same weaponry which is usually the musket and often the sabre.
  • In LEGO Battles, the Royal Navy redcoats from the 2009 Pirates reboot are recolored with blue coats and red epaulets, matching the color scheme of the Imperial Soldiers.
  • Not to be confused with the Imperial Soldier - Sailor (Marine) which was found only in 6274 Caribbean Clipper. Imperial Marines shared the same blue uniform and red epaulets, but had no backpack and worn a tricorne hat instead of the trooper's shako hat.