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Imperial Soldiers
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Release years:

1989, 1991, 2015

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Concurrent faction(s):

Pirates (faction)

This faction was gradually replaced by the very similar Imperial Guards in 1992-93.

The Imperial Soldiers were a faction of the Pirates theme first released in 1989 along with the Pirates faction. In the LEGO Battles, the Imperials were the "good guy" faction to the Pirates, and were the protectors of the Carribean. They were led by Governor Broadside and Lt. de Martinet, and their only goal was to capture or kill Captain Redbeard and his crew. With their blue uniforms and fleur-de-lis emblem, Soldiers can be said to be based off of the French Army, Navy and Marines of the colonial era (Napoleonic Wars); the Soldiers' flag appears to be based on the flag of Quebec.

The Soldiers faction was gradually supplanted by the very similar Imperial Guards in 1992-93, which had red flags and redcoat uniforms instead of the Soldiers' blue. The Guards' largest sets replaced their Soldiers' equivalents in 1992, but the older Soldiers' sets that continued in production for 1992 and 1993 were then considered part of the Guards faction in the catalog until their discontinuation at the end of 1993. It can be suggested that the Guards and Soldiers were not actually different factions, rather the Guards was just an update to the anti-pirates side.


The Soldiers often found themselves outgunned and outsized on the open waters; their largest ship, the 6274 Caribbean Clipper, was only half the size of the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda. But their fortress, 6276 Eldorado Fortress, was an impregnable fort that could withstand any bombardment.

They caught Bo'Sun Will during the "Golden Medallion" comic book, but the pirate managed to escape with the help of Captain Redbeard. The Soldiers fought for years with the Pirates, but no real winner was ever determined.

under the management of Governor Broadside they protect the colony of Port Royal on the island of Sabatina


Their flag was a blue flag with a large white cross that divided it into four small blue fields at each of the corners with black fleurs-de-lis on them and with a crown and crossed cannons in the center. The small version was a blue flag with a white cross that has a black fleur-de-lis at its center.


All of the soldiers uniforms were blue jackets with crossed white belts on their chest. They also wore white pants. Most were armed with muskets, but higher ranking officers and troopers often carried swords and pistols.


  • Governor Broadside: Governor of all of the Imperial Soldiers. He was most seen in El Dorado, and had a niece, Camille. He wore a black hat called a bicorne with white trim and feather plume, yellow epaulettes, and a regal jacket.
  • Lt. de Martinet: The second in command of the Imperial Soldiers. He was distinguished from the other soldiers by his brown beard (black mustache in comics). He also wore the yellow epaulettes of high rank, and carried a sword and pistol.
  • Camilla: Niece of Broadside, has a crush on Will (as portrayed in the comic book).
  • Imperial Officer: They are the higher rank than the standard soldiers.
  • Imperial Soldier: Also known as troopers, these are the main infantry force of the Soldiers faction. Their uniform consists of a high hat called a shako, red epaulettes, and a backpack. They are the guards of Eldorado Fortress and other land forts. Their most common weaponry is the musket followed by the sabre, although a catalogue diorama showed one soldier using a pistol. There are four of them in 6276 Eldorado Fortress, while even smaller sets like 6265 Sabre Island have two. It is interesting to note that the Imperial Soldiers troopers better resemble the actual French Navy's Marines during the Napoleonic Wars, than the Imperial Soldiers Sailors below.[1]
  • Imperial Soldier - Sailor: This elite branch of Imperial Soldiers, also known as marines, were found on board naval vessels and wore the traditional uniform, red epaulettes, and wore a tricorne hat. Unlike regular troopers, marines did not carry a backpack nor wear the shako hat. These were only released in the first Soldiers set, 6274 Caribbean Clipper. Marines can also be built from regular troopers by removing the backpack and switching the shako with the Lieutenant's tricorne.
  • Governor Hacienda: Governor of Imperial Soldiers in 2015 release.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Hsentry.jpg6245Harbor Sentry25Imperial Officer$4.25 / €7.991989
Brig.jpg6259Broadside's Brig64Imperial Officer, Imperial Soldier, Lolbroek$8.751991
Sabre.jpg6265Sabre Island92Imperial Officer, Imperial Soldier (2×) 1989
Lockup.jpg6267Lagoon Lock-Up1875$29.991991
Cclipper.jpg6274Caribbean Clipper393Governor Broadside, Imperial Soldier - Sailor (Imperial Marine) (3) 1989
6276-1.jpg6276Eldorado Fortress517Governor Broadside, Pirate, Captain Redbeard, Imperial Officer, Imperial Soldier (x4)$59.951989

2015 sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Sddefense.jpg70409Shipwreck Defense84Bluecoat Soldier, Old Pirate$12.99March 2015
Sooutpust.jpg70410Soldiers Outpost164Bluecoat Soldier, Bluecoat Sergant 1, Pirate$19.99March 2015
70411 boxart.jpg70411Treasure Island180Bluecoat Soldier, Pirate Princess Argenta, Pirate$19.99March 2015
Sffort.jpg70412Soldiers Fort234Governor Hacienda, Governor's Daughter, Bluecoat Soldier, Pirate Gunner, Pirate$29.99March 2015
70413 The Brick Bounty boxart.jpg70413The Brick Bounty745Captain Redbeard, Slinger, Pirate Boy, Pirate Cook Bart, Admiral Nonsuch, Bluecoat Sergeant 2, Bluecoat Soldier$99.99March 2015
40158 Chess Set.jpg40158Pirates Chess Set857Ms. Dagger, Cutlass (x2), Deckboy, Pirate (x6), Bluecoat (x10)$59.992015

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