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This article is about the minifigures. For the sub-theme of Western, see Indians.

Indians[1] are Native American minifigures from the Western subtheme of the same name. Introduced in 1997, the theme was discontinued the following year, with some sets being rereleased in 2002.

Note that "Indian" was primarily used in European publications,[1][2][3] while American magazines and catalogs avoided use of the term and would generically refer to the subtheme's characters as "figures";[4] however, books such as The Ultimate LEGO Book and Standing Small would still use "Indian". Native American minifigures would later return in the Minifigures theme, with the racially insensitive term "Indian" dropped in favour of "tribal."


The first minifigures to display racial characteristics, the Indians lived in camps and were led by Big Chief Rattle Snake while being guided by the Medicine Man. They were usually left unnamed, though a UK catalog from 1997 shows one to be named Running Bear, and in the Time Cruisers comics, the female was named Sui and said to be the daughter of the chief.

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