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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was an Indiana Jones subtheme based on the film of the same name. The theme began at the end of 2009 and oddly, it only consisted of two sets.



Indiana Jones, the Archeologist and professor, traveled to Shanghai to make a deal with Lao Che. It all goes wrong when his old time friend, Wu Han, was killed by Chen, Lao Che's son. Indy escapes with Willie Scott and Short Round onto an airplane. Unfortunately for them, the airplane is owned by Lao Che Airlines, so once it runs out of fuel, the pilots parachute down, leaving Indy, Willie, and Short Round to save themselves. They jump down on an inflatable raft and miraculously survive.

Pankot Palace and the Temple of Doom

The trio find themselves in India were they come across Pankot Palace. They soon discover, however, that the palace is home to the mysterious and human-sacrificing Thuggee cult led by Thugge High Priest Mola Ram. After a failed attempt to try an steal the Sankara Stones, Indy is forced to drink the blood of Kali, turning him evil. Just as Willie Scott is about to be sacrificed, Short Round breaks Indy from his trance and the three go rushing down a mine track to safetly. After a battle on a bridge, Mola Ram is defeated, Indy returns the Sankara Stones a village, and all is well.

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