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An instruction booklet is a small book included in almost every LEGO set that explains how to build that particular set. Some LEGO sets may include two or more booklets and some may even have a metal spinal cord. Often an image promoting other sets of the same theme can be found towards the back of the instruction booklet. In 2011, some larger instructions were sealed in their own plastic bags with a cardboard sheet to prevent it from bending.


In 2006, The LEGO Group introduced a page that lists all the parts and the amount of the parts included in the set.

Mistakes in Instruction booklets

8096 Instructions mistake from Booklet 1

The mistake from Booklet 1.

Sometimes, The LEGO Group make errors when they make instruction booklets. For example, in the instruction booklets for 8096 Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle, there is a mistake in Booklet 1 (as shown in the picture on the right), as the blue box shows that only one red blade and one hilt are required in this step; however, in the yellow box it says that two red blades and two hilts are needed for this step. However, such mistakes in instruction booklets are rare.


  • Front page

On the front page, an animated view of the set and its number (and LEGO and theme logos, of course) are shown.

  • Instructions

On the first page, warnings against mixing parts and building on uneven surfaces or outside are shown.

  • Building instructions

The main segment of the manual. Numbered step-by-step phases of the set's assembly are shown, along with the parts needed to complete the set.

  • Back Page

The back pages of all current LEGO sets feature a promotional advert that advises customers to participate in an online feedback session for the chance to win a set.

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