Class 4 article

The Iron Baron is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Minifigure and the leader of the Dragon Hunters introduced in 2018.


Iron Baron has unique leg (including a gray peg leg) and head pieces, and is the only Dragon Hunter not to share any of these elements with other characters in the group. His legs were recolored from an element introduced in the Pirates theme in 2009. His torso piece was later reused for a version of Jet Jack and the character Nitro, both included in LEGO Ninjago Magazine. He does share his shoulder armor with Muzzle and Heavy Metal, but his is worn reversed with the weapon holster on the front of his torso. His hat was previously used for The LEGO Batman Movie version of The Penguin; in the show he also had the hairpiece used for B.A. Baracus.