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Isabela Madrigal is a Disney mini-doll introduced in 2021.


Isabela is is the oldest sister of Mirabel and Luisa and is part of the Madrigals, a family gifted with magical powers. She is Mirabel's and Luisa's older sister. Isabela is graceful and Mirabel describes her as "effortlessly perfect". Flowers bloom with each step she takes. Because of her looks and powers, she is betrothed to a local man who is equally handsome for her, Mariano Guzman. But it is revealed that she did not want to be perfect and she did not want to marry Mariano in the first place, and, with Mirabel's help, Isabela was able to finally show her true self, growing new, different varieties of plants, spraying different colors of powder, and this made the two sisters bond and make up.