Class 3 article

Isabella is a Friends Mini-doll figure who was released in 2013. She is exclusive to the set 41008 Large Swimming Pool.


Isabella has light green eyes, with black and white pupils, she has black eyebrows, a smiling face with pink lipstick and like all mini-dolls she has a nose. Isabella has long blonde hair which has a braid tied at the back, in it she wears a light purple bow at the top.

Isabella's torso is light nougat, but she has a green bikini top with a white outline and a purple and white lei, she also has light nougat arms and hands Isabella's has her own exclusive leg mould, which is a purple towel which is tied around her weist and top of her legs, the rest of Isabella's legs are light nougat, Isabella also wears dark blue flip flops.


Isabella likes ice cream and hanging out at the swimming pool, and she appears to be a friend of Andrea.