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Island Warrior is a Minifigures Series 11 minifigure set released on September 1, 2013.


The LEGO Movie

In The LEGO Movie, the Island Warrior is seen in Cloud Cuckoo Land running from Bad Cop's forces and getting trampled by the "Orb of Titleist".


  • He, the Hockey Player, and the Downhill Skier all have the second-highest stats of all Minifigures.
  • The Forest Maiden, Elf, and Leprechaun are mentioned in his description.
  • His bio mentions watching over the forbidden cove of his enchanted island home. Both Forbidden Cove and Enchanted Island were the names of Islanders sets implying that he is from the Islanders theme.

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“Go away now!”

The Island Warrior keeps vigilant watch over the forbidden cove of his enchanted island home. When he spots a ship sailing near, whether it flies the skull-and-crossbones or the flag of the Imperial navy, he puts on his carved wooden mask and gets ready to drive off any un-neighborly visitors.

Fortunately, he’s well prepared thanks to his friends. With a knowledge of traps learned from the Forest Maiden, lessons in stealth from the Elf, and the Leprechaun’s book full of pranks, the Island Warrior has everything he needs to send any pesky plunderers who try to invade his island packing!



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