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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Island of Darkness

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu




"Island of Darkness" is the 23rd episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Having arrived on the Dark Island, the crew of the Destiny's Bounty work to conceal their presence from the Stone Army, though Cole is dissatisfied with these stealth tactics. Misako then reminds them of their goal: to find the Temple of Light so that Lloyd and the other Ninja may unlock the power needed to face the Stone Army. However, the temple's location is unknown, and their only means of finding it is a golden medallion. While Lloyd remains behind at the Bounty to help Dr. Julien work on combat vehicles, the other Ninja set out in search of the temple.

At the Stone Army camp, Garmadon receives a report from General Kozu, who reports that the Stone Army has discovered more dark matter for the ultimate weapon. The Overlord, meanwhile, has sensed the arrival of the Ninja, and Garmadon immediately puts his soldiers on alert. The Ninja come across the camp, and while scouting around Zane spots his Falcon and sets out to recover his robotic friend. At the Bounty, Lloyd observes Misako and Wu interacting, and asks about how she and Garmadon met.

Unfortunately, Wu is spotted by a Stone Army patrol, and only the sudden arrival of his sister-in-law and nephew saves him from the attackers. Back at the villains' camp, the Ninja manage to identify the Temple of Light's location, only for Zane to be spotted by the Stone Army. The others intervene to help him escape, only to wind up trapped in the middle of a rope bridge with warriors coming at them from both sides. Fortunately, as the bridge breaks beneath the weight of so many occupants, Zane works out a means for them to escape.

Returning to the Bounty, the Ninja inform their friends of their discovery of the temple and take off in the new Earth Driller with Lloyd joining them. Reaching the mountain atop which the temple sits, the Ninja unload a surprise from Nya: a mech that Kai uses to fight off the pursuing Stone Army. The Ninja then use the mech to scale the mountain, and locate the temple after ensuring that their enemies will be slowed down briefly. Entering the Temple of Light, they are surprised to find murals depicting their various adventures, right up to the present moment.

Following the instructions of another mural, the Ninja take their places around a series of symbols on the floor, and Lloyd then spots a large bell hanging overheard. Recalling Misako's previous words regarding an "instrument of peace", Lloyd strikes it and sets a mystical ritual in motion. Power flows from the bell and around the temple, energizing each of the older Ninja and granting them new Gi and weapons. They then channel their regained powers into Lloyd, who also receives a new Gi, before turning to confront the arriving Stone Army.

Able to access their Elemental Powers once again, the older Ninja make quick work of the previously unbeatable Stone Warriors. Lloyd then taps into his newly unlocked "Golden Dragon" fighting style, which drives off General Kozu and the others warriors. Despite this victory, however, the Overlord assures Garmadon that their side is also growing stronger.



  • When the Ninja arrive at the foot of the mountain via power drill, Zane is seen with his new KX suit, even though he should not have it.
  • When Zane shouts "Nobody move!" he is using Kai's voice.
  • In the sets, the ninja don't have shoulderpads, but in this episode, they do.





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