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Islanders are minifigures who appeared in every Islanders set of the Pirates theme. They are the servants of King Kahuka.

Video games

One, going by the name of Islander, features in the video game LEGO Racers, appearing in the second and fifth circuits. The second circuit is (perhaps coincidentally) hosted by King Kahuka. A few Islanders also appeared on Adventurer's Island in the video game LEGO Island 2, appearing in the area where the Bi-Plane and Sea Plane land, before the T-Rex level. Islanders are featured in a cutscene video when the player obtains the Adventurers' theme in the LEGOLAND video game.


Video Game Appearance

Gallery of Variants

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  • In LEGO Racers, Islander is called Uhu in the Danish language version, Øyboeren in the Norwegian language version, Primitivo in the Spanish language version, and Eilander in the Dutch language version.