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It's a Trap... is the sixth in a series of Space Police stop-motion videos located on the LEGO Space Police Website. The Space Police Officers spring a trap to capture some of their most recent criminals.



Space Police Log 06 IT'S A TRAP!!!!

The short film begins when several Space Police Officers are planning to leave one of their vehicles in the junkyard where the Blackhole Gang has planned to meet up. The criminals approach the vehicle, only for it to start flying and other Space Police vehicles to join in on the secret ambush. Several vehicles form up to create the Galactic Enforcer. The Officers imprison Squidman, Slizer, and a Skull Twin. Unfortunately, Snake escapes, leaving graffiti stating "You haven't seen the last of us!". The video ends showing the main Space Police character speeding off on patrol in his Space Police Raptor.


  • After this log, Snake and a Skull Twin are still uncontained by the Space Police.
  • The title is most likely a reference to Admiral Ackbar's famous line "It's a trap!" from Star Wars.
  • A robot from Mars Mission appears in the video. Also a City tractor can be seen somewhere in the video, along with an Aqua Raiders fin in the background in the junkyard.
  • In the start of the log the droid from the set 6809 XT-5 And Droid is seen in the left.
  • At a robot from the Spyrius set 6949 Robo-Guardian is seen in the background.
  • The Space Police Officer who says "on it" has the same voice as the Clone Troopers from the Star Wars The Clone Wars TV show.


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