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Dr. J.B. Watt is a minifigure/character from the Hidden Side theme, introduced in 2019. She is a teacher at Newbury High School as well as scientist and owner of a ghost lab. J.B. is friends with Jack, Parker, and is the supposed friend of El Fuego. J.B. is also the creator of ghost hunting technology. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

J.B. has spent all of her life in libraries, labs and garages, and she has mad skills in all things scientific, technical and mechanical. J.B. enjoys being the brains behind the local ghost-hunting operation, app, and all the gang’s ghost-hunting gear, while leaving all the messy work to the kids (Hey, they don’t seem to mind.) She eats, works and sleeps in her messy lab, except when she’s driving ‘Sweet Sally’, her old decked-out school bus. Also, she drinks waaay too much coffee.


Doctor J.B. is a High-School Teacher at Newbury High. Upon her discovery that there has been paranormal activity in the town of Newbury she begins creation of Ghost-Catching technology.

Going back to the High School she puts up a few Help Wanted posters in regards to the paranormal activity. Not long after Elton Douglas, Jack Davids, and Spencer the dog arrive to J.B.'s Ghost Lab to acquire the Ghost Hunting Technology. (It is possible that, even though not In the set, Parker came to the lab as well.) J.B. then relinquishes the technology to the two in the form of two phones and an add-on to Elton's monster truck.

Possession of Douglas Elton

However, much to their dismay, Elton is possessed by one of the ghosts of Newbury. After dealing with Elton using their phones it becomes apparent why he was possessed. One of J.B.'s beakers had seemed to allow Elton to be possessable as it in itself was possessed.

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