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Jack Fireblade is a Galaxy Squad minifigure released in 2013.


Jack Fireblade has orange legs, an orange waist, a light-grey torso, orange arms, and black hands. Printing on his legs and torso depicts knee-pads, his armour-padded uniform, and the Orange Squadron's insignia on the left side of his chest. He has a yellow head, which is double-sided. On one side he has black eyebrows, black eyes, white pupils, and is sporting a determined smile. Thin orange lines denote his chest and facial lines. The other side of his head is identical to the first side, except a grey breathing apparatus is printed in place of his mouth. Jack's helmet is the same mould as that first used by the Space Police III Commandos, except in orange and with a clear, transparent visor.


Jack Fireblade is a member of Galaxy Squad's Orange Squadron.



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